Portuguese Pritzker Prize-winning architect Álvaro Siza and Porto studio COR Arquitectos have revealed a housing scheme almost entirely clad in travertine in Italy.

Built in the city of Gallarate in Lombardy, the development consists of two housing blocks clad in travertine – a type of limestone – that contain 20 apartments in total.

葡萄牙普利茲克獎得主建築師阿爾瓦羅·西扎(Allvaro Siza)和波爾圖工作室COR Arquitectos透露,一項住房計劃幾乎完全覆蓋了意大利的石灰華。


The development near the city centre stands between two roads, with its main facade on the busy Via Roma and a smaller entrance on the much quieter Via Postporta.

Álvaro Siza and COR Arquitectos created two four-storey blocks that face each other with a communal walkway between them.

靠近市中心的開發區位於兩條道路之間,其主要立面位於繁忙的羅馬大街(Via Roma)上,而較小的入口位於安靜得多的Via Postporta大街上。

ÁlvaroSiza和COR Arquitectos創建了兩個彼此面對的四層高樓,它們之間有一條公共走道。

The larger of the two blocks is located away from the main road surrounded by existing buildings and is shaped like C to partially enclose a small area of grass.

On the other side of the site, the smaller block was designed to stand alone from the development like a villa and has a largely plain travertine-clad facade facing the road with numerous windows on its inward facade.



Both blocks were built above a two-storey car park, which occupies the entire site and is accessed from Via Roma.

Along two sides of the development, a public pathway has been created as a route between the main road and the city centre.

這兩個街區都建在一個兩層高的停車場上方,停車場佔據了整個場地,可從羅馬大街(Via Roma)進入。


Alongside the blocks, the architecture studios have created a series of gardens and spaces enclosed by travertine walls.

The limestone material was also used to create entrance gates and seating within the gardens.



Portuguese architect Siza won the Pritzker Prize in 1992. In a recent interview with Dezeen, he explained how he created the swooped concrete roof of the pavilion he designed for the 1998 Expo in Lisbon.

Recent projects by the architect include a ceramics pavilion with a thatched roof at the Casa Wabi artist retreat in Mexico and the red sandstone International Design Museum of China.

Photography is by Francesca Ióvene – Fondaco Studio.


建築師最近的項目包括在墨西哥的卡薩瓦比(Casa Wabi)藝術家寓所內建有茅草屋頂的陶瓷涼亭,以及中國紅砂岩國際設計博物館。

攝影是FrancescaIóvene– Fondaco Studio。



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