Architects: Studio Animal
Area: 135 m²
Year: 2020
Lead Architect:Javier Jiménez Iniesta
Design Team:Marta Muñoz


The shopping experience through spatial and atmospheric parameters has always been the objective of all the projects we have carried out for this brand of sneakers: generating a memorable experience that fixes an identity in the memory of the user and ensures that the space and the brand belong to a particular imaginary.

通過空間和大氣參數的購物體驗一直是我們針對該運動鞋品牌開展的所有項目的目標:產生令人難忘的體驗,將其身份固定在用戶的記憶中,並確保空間和品牌屬於 到一個特定的虛構。

These strategies are closely linked to the use of geometry and colour, on the one hand, and the dialogue with nostalgia, humour and recognizable imaginaries on the other, which ends up leading to the design of exceptional spaces in a retail world that is increasingly neglected and automatic.

這些策略一方面與幾何和色彩的使用緊密相關,另一方面與懷舊,幽默和可識別的虛構的對話緊密相關,最終導致零售世界中卓越空間的設計日益被人們所忽視 和自動。

Tent is a geometric, faceted and symmetrical space. It is the inside of a twelve-sided pyramid and the volume of atmosphere it generates makes this place more than just a shoe store.

帳篷是一個幾何,多面且對稱的空間。 它是一個十二面金字塔的內部,它所產生的氛圍使這個地方不僅僅是一家鞋店。

The premises in which the shop is built is a 10 x 10-meter square with a regular dodecagon crowned by this pyramid. Each of the sides is intended for a specific use and the spaces that remain between the perimeter of the pyramid become specialized areas of the store itself: two red corners dedicated to special discounts, two niches for bags and accessories and two shop windows on either side of the entrance. In the centre, a twelve-sided piece of furniture acts as a kaleidoscope showing the brand’s latest launches while simultaneously reflecting the pyramid that covers it in multiple ways.

建造商店的場所是一個10 x 10米的正方形,帶有以金字塔為中心的規則十二邊形。 兩側各有特定用途,金字塔外圍之間的空間成為商店本身的專門區域:兩個紅色角用於特殊折扣,兩個壁ni用於提包和配件以及兩個商店櫥窗在兩側 入口 在中間,一塊十二面的家具就像萬花筒一樣,展示著該品牌的最新產品,同時以多種方式反射覆蓋它的金字塔。

Tent, the name, and its use are a play on words, like a joke: it is a tent and reminds of a marquee or a circus structure. Its appearance is taut and light but its construction is rigid and heavy. It is tremendously colourful but it is opaque. It’s overly naive but deliberately conceptual.

帳篷,名稱及其用法就像玩笑一樣,是一種文字遊戲:它是一個帳篷,讓人聯想起字幕或馬戲團結構。 它的外觀繃緊輕巧,但結構又堅固又沉重。 它色彩繽紛,但不透明。 這太天真了,但故意是概念性的。


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