A cantilevered upper storey with symmetrical, glazed dormers is the focal point of House on 36th, which Beebe Skidmore has completed for a young family relocating to Portland, USA.

The sculptural dwelling overhauls an existing one-story cottage on the site that was built in 1945 but required a contemporary update and more space to meet the needs of the family.

Beebe Skidmore’s design involved introducing an upper storey and brighter living spaces to the house but focused primarily on developing a new “unexpected” exterior that challenged the aesthetic of typical family homes in the area.

House的重點是一座懸挑的上層樓,上面有對稱的玻璃天窗,第36棟樓的重點是Beebe Skidmore為搬遷到美國波特蘭的一個年輕家庭所完成的。


Beebe Skidmore的設計涉及為房屋引入較高的樓層和更明亮的居住空間,但主要致力於開發一種新的“出乎意料”的外觀,該外觀挑戰了該地區典型家庭住宅的美學。

“We approach every project with the intention of making an unexpected, dynamic, and endearing shape that catches the eye of passersby and is delightful to live in overtime,” explained the studio’s co-founder Doug Skidmore.

“We also wanted to challenge the traditional way in which single-family houses present a centralized composition, often with a projecting porch or front door being the focal point,” he told Dezeen.

該工作室的聯合創始人道格•斯基德莫爾(Doug Skidmore)解釋道:“我們處理每個項目的目的都是為了創造一種意想不到的,動態的,討人喜歡的形狀,以吸引路人的眼球,並樂於加班。


House on 36th retains the original cottage’s concrete basement and foundations, as well as parts of its wood framing and plumbing.

The new cantilevered first floor, which overhangs the front of the house by 2.5 metres, was modelled on the North American garrison – a type of house with a slightly overhanging first floor.

This added more living space to the house without encroaching on the garden, and it also breaks up its building’s massing so that it does not appear out of scale in comparison to the neighbouring dwellings.




The blackened wood cladding for the house was chosen by Beebe Skidmore to emphasise the home’s sculptural form, while also helping to unify the levels and metal window frames.

This wood was stained rather than painted so that its natural textures and patterns are still visible.

Beebe Skidmore選擇了用於房屋的發黑木質外牆,以強調房屋的雕塑形式,同時還有助於統一水平和金屬窗框。


“We created a material palette that puts the visual emphasis on the total form as one cohesive object rather drawing attention to individual details and elements,” explained Skidmore.

“The dark exterior colour also makes the voids formed by the big windows visually pop, especially in the evening and at night.”

The house is entered from below one of the first-floor cantilevers, which creates a deep weather-protected porch area.

This opens out into the heart of the house, where there is a large open-plan living area and kitchen, which is visually connected to the street, garden and first floor via a sweeping staircase.





“[The client] is an avid cook so they wanted a really functional and generous kitchen that they could eat in and live in by themselves and with friends,” Skidmore said.

“When they were in the kitchen, they wanted it to feel socially connected to the rest of the house.”



The house also contains three bedrooms, two bathrooms, first-floor seating areas and a bike store at the rear.

The children’s bedrooms are located behind the two large wall dormers on the first floor, which are used as cosy reading nooks, while the master suite is tucked away downstairs.



The material palette for House on 36th is deliberately pared-back, with a white “gallery-like” aesthetic chosen by the client that contrasts with its exterior.

However, to enliven the minimalist finishes, Beebe Skidmore has punctured large windows throughout to maximise natural light and also frame changing views of the surrounding neighbourhood.


然而,為了使極簡主義的裝飾更加生動,Beebe Skidmore刺穿了整個大窗戶,以最大程度地利用自然光,並為周圍的鄰里構築變化多端的景觀。

Other recent projects by Beebe Skidmore that feature large windows include the Lincoln Street Residence extension, which is fronted by a grid of glazing and sliding doors, and a dark green dwelling that takes cues from Arts and Crafts architecture.

Canadian studio Post Architecture recently added a protruding window box to a century-old brick house during a renovation of the property near downtown Toronto.

Photography is by Jeremy Bittermann.

Beebe Skidmore最近進行的其他一些具有大窗戶的項目包括林肯街住宅擴建部分,其前面是一扇玻璃窗和滑動門,以及一個深綠色的住宅,其靈感來自手工藝建築。

加拿大工作室Post Architecture最近在多倫多市中心附近的房產翻新過程中,為一座百年曆史的磚房增加了一個凸出的窗框。

攝影是傑里米·比特曼(Jeremy Bittermann)的作品。



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