Architects: Jun Igarashi Architects
Area: 81632 m²
Year: 2016
Photographs: Anna Nagai


When thinking about the window, we decided to reconsider the form and composition of the window as an element, thinking that there is an infinite possibility in the “cross-section” of a window. The “window” which is the boundary between the inside (architectural space) and the outside (context)is now taken as a new element in it’s section. If we look the cross section of a window with a microscope we can find a lot of new small spaces that connect the interior with the exterior. This spaces can connect “people with architecture”, “people and context” and also “people with people”.

考慮窗戶時,我們決定將窗戶的形式和組成重新考慮為元素,並認為窗戶的“橫截面”存在無限可能。 內部(建築空間)和外部(上下文)之間的邊界的“窗口”現在已作為其部分中的新元素。 如果我們用顯微鏡觀察窗戶的橫截面,我們會發現許多將內部與外部連接起來的新小空間。 該空間可以將“人與建築”,“人與環境”以及“人與人”連接起來。

For this project we proposed the main entrance of the house like a living room. The cross-section of the door or “window” has a new expanded width that allows a new space to be created and inhabited. In this space, the limits of “inside and outside” becomes a new “in between” space with furniture and architecture. As you enter the window, there is a new space to experience.

對於這個項目,我們建議房子的正門像起居室。 門或“窗戶”的橫截面具有新的擴展寬度,可以創建和居住新的空間。 在這個空間中,“內部和外部”的界限成為家具和建築的新“中間”空間。 當您進入窗口時,將有一個新的體驗空間。

By creating this new cross-section, we also find a diverse place where the boundaries between inside and outside are reborn into a complete new concept.



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