Architects: Davidson Rafailidis
Area: 464 m²
Year: 2018
Photographs: Florian Holzherr
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Chicago Faucets, Kohler, Toto, Knoll, McNeel
Design Team:Stephanie Davidson, Georg Rafailidis
Engineering:JEB Consultants
Country:United States

建築師:Davidson Rafailidis
攝影:Florian Holzherr
設計團隊:斯蒂芬妮·戴維森(Stephanie Davidson),喬治·拉斐利斯(Georg Rafailidis)

Davidson Rafailidis has turned a general contractor’s former office space into a small apartment dwelling, in interior adaptive re-use that treats space as constantly evolving and ever-changing. Over time, most spaces stray from their original programs and develop lives of their own.

戴維森·拉斐利斯(Davidson Rafailidis)已將總承包商以前的辦公空間變成一間小公寓住宅,進行室內自適應再利用,將空間視為不斷變化和變化的。 隨著時間的流逝,大多數空間都偏離了原始程序並發展了自己的生活。

While the role of the initial occupant/owner is reduced in the process, the role of a building, by contrast, becomes more prominent, generous, and unpredictable. Buildings can often be seen hosting unexpected uses and formal reinterpretations. Even in the short time span of a single year, spaces can offer changing and distinct qualities that require users to engage with them in different ways. Big Space, Little Space, takes this transformative nature of space as its premise.

雖然在此過程中減少了最初的佔用者/所有者的角色,但相比之下,建築物的角色變得更加突出,慷慨和不可預測。 經常可以看到建築物具有意外用途和正式的重新解釋。 即使在短短的一年時間內,空間也可以提供變化的獨特品質,要求用戶以不同的方式與他們互動。 大空間,小空間,以空間的這種變革性為前提。

Rather than dictating specific uses for designated spaces, a variety of spaces that can trigger unexpected uses are offered. These encourage formal re-interpretations and continuous construction by the various inhabitants over time. Big Space, Little Space is an adaptive re-use of a masonry garage built in the 1920s transformed into an apartment dwelling and workshop for a couple, tucked away in the middle of a residential block in Buffalo, New York.

而不是指示指定空間的特定用途,而是提供了各種可能觸發意外使用的空間。 這些鼓勵正式的重新詮釋,並隨著時間的推移不斷被各個居民不斷建構。 大空間,小空間是對1920年代建造的砌體車庫的適應性再利用,該砌體車庫被改建為一對夫婦的公寓和工作室,藏在紐約布法羅的一個住宅區中間。

Instead of clearing out the building and designing the interior from scratch, Davidson and Rafailidis reinterpreted the existing forms/spaces. An existing, partitioned area within the garage space that was recently used by a general contractor as an office was retained. This “Little Space” was seen as the overlap between two bigger, existing spaces: the fenced garden and the garage/workshop. The “Little Space” can be read as part of both, – it can extend into both. The reading of the plan flickers between these different configurations.

Davidson和Rafailidis並沒有從頭開始清理建築物並設計內部,而是重新解釋了現有的形式/空間。 保留了車庫內現有的分區區域,總承包商最近將其用作辦公室。 這種“小空間”被視為兩個更大的現有空間的重疊:圍欄花園和車庫/車間。 “小空間”可以理解為兩者的一部分–可以延伸到兩者。 計劃的讀取在這些不同的配置之間閃爍。

Big Space, Little Space does not dedicate spaces to traditional uses. Instead, the project offers spaces that are seasonally responsive and in flux, where inhabitation can retreat into the warm insulated Little Space in the harsh winters and can spread into the “Big Spaces” – the generous garden, workshop, and roof deck in the warm seasons. In this sense, the living area can be anywhere between 464 sq ft to 5,165 sq ft. There is no stationary plan. The spaces are rather offerings for temporary and informal uses. The objective was to create spaces that are useful for everything and where the meaning and usefulness of each space renegotiate with each new user.

大空間,小空間不會將空間專用於傳統用途。 取而代之的是,該項目提供的空間應隨季節變化並隨季節變化,在惡劣的冬季,居住區可以退回到溫暖的隔熱小空間,並可以擴散到“大空間”中-溫暖的寬敞花園,車間和屋頂平台 季節。 從這個意義上說,居住面積可以在464平方英尺至5,165平方英尺之間的任何地方。沒有固定的計劃。 這些空間是臨時和非正式用途的產品。 目的是創建對所有內容都有用的空間,並在其中與每個新用戶重新協商每個空間的含義和用途。


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