Architects: Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated
Area: 230 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Beersingnoi
Manufacturers: American Standard, COTTO, Daikin, Hafele, Lamitak, M&T, Guardion, PS Lamp, Panasonic, Sosuco, TOA
Architect In Charge:Cherngchai Riawruangsangkul, Thanakit Wiriyasathit
Structural Engineer :Chaianuchit Srihard
Contractor :IBD Housebuilder

製造商:美國標準,COTTO,Daikin,Hafele,Lamitak,M&T,Guardion,PS Lamp,松下,Sosuco,TOA
負責建築師:Cherngchai Riawruangsangkul,Thanakit Wiriyasathit
結構工程師:Chaianuchit Srihard

Beneath a huge rain tree where its shade spreads over the ground is a one-story building, a small house with a concrete rooftop garden, which makes a dialogue with the leaves surrounded and provides a view to a vegetable plot and a garden below. The wall emits light as if it is a firefly.

在一棵巨大的雨樹下面,樹蔭籠罩在地面上,是一幢單層建築,是一間帶混凝土屋頂花園的小房子,與周圍的樹葉對話,並可以看到菜地和下面的花園。 牆壁像螢火蟲一樣發光。

Inside the house consists of two bedrooms at the front facing the road. The kitchen is on the left side adjacent to an empty plot of land. The parking lot is adjacent to the parking lot of the sister’s house. The back of the house faces a large garden, a green area where the homeowner plants fruit and vegetable. This area covers more than half of the total space. As a result, the house has limited utility space and therefore must be pushed as much as possible to the front of the plot next to the road to leave most space for the garden.

房屋內部由面向道路的前部的兩間臥室組成。 廚房在左側,靠近一塊空地。 停車場與姐妹屋的停車場相鄰。 房屋的背面朝向一個大花園,這是房主用來種植水果和蔬菜的綠色區域。 該區域佔總空間的一半以上。 結果,房屋的可用空間有限,因此必須盡可能將其推到靠近道路的地塊前部,以留出大部分空間用於花園。

In addition to the utility space inside the house, the roof is intentionally flat in order to make it a utilizable rooftop. Each part of the rooftop has unequal height to cover the living space of each room below as the height the rooms is different according to their sizes and suitability. For example, the bedroom has a floor-to-ceiling height of 3.0 meters but the height in the continual space in the living room and the dining room is 3.5 meters, higher than average.

除了房屋內部的可用空間外,屋頂還特意平坦,以使其成為可利用的屋頂。 屋頂的各個部分的高度不相等,無法覆蓋下面每個房間的居住空間,因為房間的高度根據大小和適用性而有所不同。 例如,臥室的地板到天花板的高度為3.0米,但客廳和飯廳的連續空間的高度為3.5米,高於平均水平。

The ceiling of the praying room, which has special meaning and utility more than other areas, is the highest part in the house. This creates different levels on the ceiling landscape. This physical appearance inverts on the rooftop as a reflection of the ceiling below, adding another landscape to the existing garden behind the house but on a higher level. The concrete rooftop garden is close to the branches of the tree to create an experience of touching from one plane to another. In other words, this is how to use the space most efficiently.

祈禱室的天花板比其他區域具有特殊的意義和實用性,是房屋中最高的部分。 這會在天花板景觀上創建不同的層次。 這種物理外觀在屋頂上發生了倒影,反映了下面的天花板,為房子後面但在更高位置的現有花園增加了另一種景觀。 混凝土屋頂花園靠近樹木的樹枝,營造出從一架飛機到另一架飛機的觸摸體驗。 換句話說,這就是最有效地利用空間的方法。

The house is built on a 155 sq.w. of land with a total ​​230 sq. m utility space on Phutthamonthon Sai 2 Road in Bangkok suburb adjacent to Nakhon Pathom province. The outer surface of the house is covered with gray granite-pattern porcelain tiles but it is penetrated randomly within the grid pattern, forming several small voids to let the light shine through. It also has the 1″ x 1″ pieces of synthetic wood awning around the house. These elements appear to be a negotiation, or maybe an argument, with the limited surrounding context; whether the result could be the answer or not.

房子建在155平方呎的面積上。 在曼谷府佛統府附近的Phutthamonthon Sai 2 Road上共有230平方米的實用空間。 房屋的外表面覆蓋著灰色的花崗岩圖案瓷磚,但在網格圖案中隨機滲透,形成了幾個小空隙,讓光線照進來。 它還在房屋周圍設有1“ x 1”的合成木篷。 這些元素似乎是在有限的周圍環境下進行的談判或爭論。 結果是否可能是答案。


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