Architects: O&O Baukunst
Area: 16200 m²
Year: 2018
Photographs: schnepp renou, Horst Stasny, Robert Grahn

建築師:O&O Baukunst
照片:schnepp renou,Horst Stasny,Robert Grahn

In close collaboration with the Ernst Busch University of Performing Arts, a place has been created that clearly shows how theatre functions.


From outside the building is composed of three parts: the upgraded old building, which is cut open at one end, the timber-clad fly-tower, which engages this incision at the side, and the glazed cafeteria box, which is slid up against the flank of the old building.

從建築物的外部由三部分組成:升級後的舊建築物,其一端被切開;木板覆蓋的蒼蠅塔,其與該切口在一側接合;玻璃自助餐廳盒,其滑動靠著 老建築的側面。

The encounter between raw and refined, between old and new is marked in the interior by a separating line at a height of 2.30 meters, which extends through the entire building. All the surfaces below this height have been finished or refined, the parts of the building above remain as they were found or in a raw state.

內部通過一條分隔線標記了生與精之間,新與舊之間的相遇之處,分隔線的高度為2.30米,並貫穿整個建築物。 低於此高度的所有表面均已完成或精加工,上方建築物的各個部分保持原樣或處於原始狀態。

The 24-meter-high fly-tower with its timber cladding ensures that the building on Zinnowitzer Straße can be recognized from afar as a public place.



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