Architects: Edwin Hurtado, Holger Cuadrado
Area: 3767 ft²
Year: 2020
Photographs: JAG Studio
Manufacturers: Graphisoft SE, Trimble Navigation
Lead Architects:Edwin Hurtado Pereira, Holger P. Cuadrado T.
Design Team:Jefferson Condoy, Joffre Calva.
Clients:Familia Hurtado Jaramillo.
Engineering:gica_ingenieros, Ing. Carlos Aguilar, Ing. Ximena Saavedra.
Collaborators:María de los Ángeles Cuenca, José Luis Castillo, Daniel Cabrera, Jonathan Jimenez.

建築師:Edwin Hurtado,Holger Cuadrado
照片:JAG Studio
製造商:Graphisoft SE,Trimble Navigation
首席建築師:Edwin Hurtado Pereira,Holger P. Cuadrado T.
設計團隊:傑佛遜·康迪(Jefferson Condoy),喬佛(Joffre Calva)
客戶:Familia Hurtado Jaramillo。
工程:gica_ingenieros,Ing。 卡洛斯·阿吉拉爾(Carlos Aguilar) Ximena Saavedra。

The house as it is, it can no longer be the same. In the moment in which we realized that the life contained within the wall is the most valuable, some aspects that have been important have been moved in the background. The D4 house is based on three main pillars, considered as a tool for evaluated the process of decision making during the design process.

房子原樣,不能再一樣了。 當我們意識到牆內的生命是最有價值的時候,一些重要的方面已經在後台發生了變化。 D4之家基於三個主要支柱,被認為是在設計過程中評估決策過程的工具。

The house is composed by a structural abstract box supported on four points that are disposed with a distance of 7.15m and flown of 4.70m. On one side the element of the house such as columns, ribbed slabs, diaphragms and handrail – beams are designed for working as counterweights for the flown, highlighting gravity as a universal resource of architecture. At the same time, the transmission of loads to the ground on a minimum of supports, allows freeing the space, generating order and a wide interior space.

房屋由一個結構抽象的盒子組成,該抽象盒子支撐在四個點上,四個點之間的距離為7.15m,飛行距離為4.70m。 房屋的一側,例如圓柱,肋板,隔板和扶手-梁被設計成可作為飛行的配重,突出了重力作為建築的通用資源。 同時,通過最少的支撐將負載傳遞到地面,可以釋放空間,產生秩序和擴大內部空間。

The idea of a strictly functional house is outdated. The project was designed as a space container capable of hosting different functions inside, incorporating two flexible sanitary cores that allow variations and adaptations for future spaces’ configurations. The external staircase is a key element of the project considering that it could be replicated on the upper floors in order to make independent the distribution of new uses on the others floor like offices, housing… -. The subsoil plant is a diaphanous space, which can accommodate several uses in contact with the soil.

嚴格功能性房屋的想法已過時。 該項目被設計為一個空間容器,能夠在內部承載不同的功能,並集成了兩個靈活的衛生核心,可以對未來空間的配置進行更改和調整。 外部樓梯是該項目的關鍵要素,考慮到它可以在高層複製,以便獨立分配其他用途的新用途,例如辦公室,房屋……。 下層土壤植物是一個透明的空間,可以容納多種與土壤接觸的用途。

Beyond building a physical object, architecture builds places for living, creating a strong relation with the place in which is build. The relation between the construction and the environment it is fundamental in order to enhance the life inside the building. In this sense the project it constructed as a open box intercepting the distant landscape of the Andes mountain and the city over the valley at 2100msnm. The house is oriented to take also advantage of the solar incidence on both fronts.

除了構建物理對象之外,建築還可以構建生活場所,並與構建場所建立牢固的關係。 建築與環境之間的關係是延長建築內部生活的根本。 從這個意義上說,該項目被構造為一個開放的盒子,以2100msnm的距離攔截安第斯山脈和山谷上空的遠處城市景觀。 房屋的方向還可以利用兩面的太陽光。


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