Architects: Heatherwick Studio
Area: 100000 ft²
Year: 2018
Photographs: Hufton + Crow, Luke Hayes
Manufacturers: Nicholson Roof Products, Propak Architectural
Project Team:Jordan Bailiff, Einar Blixhavn, Erich Breuer, Darragh Casey, Jennifer Chen, Dani Rossello Diez, Ben Dudek, Andrew Edwards, Alex Flood, Daniel Haigh, Phil Hall-Patch, Steven Howson, Sonila Kadillari, Michael Kloihofer, Nilufer Kocabas, Ivan Linares Quero, Elli Liverakou, Freddie Lomas, Jose Marquez, Mira Naran, Ian Ng, Hannah Parker, Monika Patel, Luke Plumbley, Jeff Powers, Thomas Randall-Page, Emmanouil Rentopolous, Angel Tenorio, Takashi Tsurumaki, Pablo Zamorano
Country:United Kingdom

建築師:Heatherwick Studio
攝影:哈夫頓+烏鴉,盧克·海斯(Luke Hayes)
製造商:Nicholson Roof Products,Propak Architectural
項目團隊:喬丹·巴利夫(Jordan Bailiff),埃納(Einar Blixhavn),埃里希·布勞(Erich Breuer),達拉格·凱西(Dragragh Casey),珍妮弗·陳(Jennifer Chen),丹妮·羅塞洛·迪斯(Dani Rossello Diez),本·杜德克(Band Dudek),安德魯·愛德華茲(Andrew Edwards),亞歷克斯·弗朗德(Alex Flood),丹尼爾·海格(Daniel Haigh),菲爾·霍爾·帕奇(Phil Hall-Patch),史蒂文·霍森(Steven Howson),索尼拉·卡迪拉里(Sonila Kadillari),邁克爾·克洛伊霍夫(Michael Kloihofer),尼盧弗·科卡巴斯 ,伊凡·利納雷斯·奎羅(Ivan Linares Quero),埃莉·利文拉庫(Elli Liverakou),弗雷迪·洛馬斯(Freddie Lomas),何塞·馬克斯(Jose Marquez),米拉·納蘭(Iran Ng),漢娜·帕克(Hannah Parker),莫妮卡·帕特爾(Monika Patel),盧克·普魯比(Luke Plumbley),傑夫·鮑爾斯(Jeff Powers),托馬斯·蘭德爾·佩奇(Emmanouil Rentopolous),天使·特諾里奧(Angel Tenorio),高Tsu努(Takashi Tsurumaki),帕勃羅·扎莫拉諾(Pablo Zamorano)

Long-time resident of King’s Cross, the studio has reinvented two heritage rail buildings from the 1850s as a new shopping district with close to 60 units, fully opening up the site to the public for the first time.

該工作室長期居住在國王十字區(King’s Cross),將1850年代的兩座歷史悠久的鐵路建築改造成一個新的購物區,將近60個單位,這是該場所首次向公眾開放。

The project is the first major building completion in London for Heatherwick Studio and one of several large-scale developments in the capital that the studio is currently working on. These include a new major building for Google in King’s Cross that is currently under construction and the transformation of Olympia London.

該項目是倫敦希瑟威克工作室(Heatherwick Studio)在倫敦的第一個大型建築竣工,也是該工作室目前正在首都進行的幾項大型開發項目之一。 其中包括正在興建中的國王十字大樓中Google的一棟新大型建築,以及倫敦奧林匹亞的改造。

In 2014, the studio was commissioned by King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership to radically rethink the site. The pair of elongated Victorian coal drops was built to receive coal from Northern England for distribution around London by barge and cart. But over the years the ornate cast-iron and brick structures had become partially derelict, serving light industry, warehousing, and nightclubs before partial abandonment in the 1990s.

2014年,該工作室是受King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership委託創建的工作室,從根本上重新思考了該工作室。 這對細長的維多利亞時代煤滴被建造用來從英格蘭北部接收煤,然後通過駁船和手推車在倫敦各地分發。 但是多年來,華麗的鑄鐵和磚結構已被部分廢棄,為輕工業,倉儲和夜總會服務,直到1990年代被部分廢棄。

The challenge was to transform the dilapidated buildings and long, angular site into a lively retail district where the public could gather and circulate.


The design extends the inner gabled roofs of the warehouses to link the two viaducts and define the yard, as well as creating fluid patterns of circulation. The flowing roofs, supported by an entirely new and highly technical freestanding structure interlaced within the heritage fabric, rise up and stretch towards each other until they touch. This forms an entirely new floating upper storey, a large covered outdoor space and a central focus for the entire site.

該設計擴展了倉庫的內部山牆屋頂,以連接兩個高架橋並定義了院子,並創建了循環的流體模式。 流動的屋頂由傳統面料中交錯的全新且技術含量高的獨立結構支撐,上升並彼此伸展直至接觸。 這形成了一個全新的浮動上層樓,寬敞的戶外空間以及整個場地的中心位置。

The studio’s design celebrates the specific texture and history of the Victorian industrial buildings while creating 100,000 sq ft of new retail area, as well as significant public space. The units vary in size (ranging from 160 sq ft, 1300 sq ft, 2500 sq ft to over 20,000 sq ft), accommodating a wide range of established and emerging brands, alongside new restaurants, bars and cafes.

該工作室的設計既慶祝了維多利亞時代工業建築的特殊質感和歷史,又創造了100,000平方英尺的新零售區以及重要的公共空間。 這些單位的大小各不相同(從160平方英尺,1300平方英尺,2500平方英尺到20,000平方英尺不等),可容納各種知名品牌和新興品牌,以及新餐廳,酒吧和咖啡館。

With entrances at both ends of the site and scattered along Stable Street, the yard will become a new permeable and distinctive public space, contributing to the wider transformation of King’s Cross as a vibrant place to live, work, relax and study.



FROM:Thomas Heatherwick explains design of Coal Drops Yard | Architecture | Dezeen

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