An Indian library and a prototype house in Rwanda are among the winners at this year’s Brick Award, with a university building in Poland taking the top prize.

Organised by brick company Wienerberger, the biennial award aims to celebrate “outstanding brick architecture from all around the world,” with a record 644 projects entered for Brick Award 20.

Prizes were given in five categories – Feeling at home, Living together, Working together, Sharing public spaces and Building outside the box – with the Grand Prize Winner chosen from category-winning schemes.




“The Brick Award provides architects from all over the world with an opportunity to showcase their latest creative projects of innovative brick architecture,” said Wienerberger CEO Heimo Scheuch.

“It aims to inspire architects and people alike, to share design concepts and to explore new ways of building. 2020 marks the ninth time that Wienerberger is presenting this internationally established award.”

Wienerberger首席執行官Heimo Scheuch說:“磚頭獎為來自世界各地的建築師提供了展示他們最新的創新磚頭建築創意項目的機會。”


This year’s Grand Prize was given to Spanish studio BAAS Arquitectura’s Faculty of Radio and Television at the University of Silesia, which the studio designed with Polish studios Grupa 5 Architekci and Małeccy Biuro Projektowe.

The project, which also won the Sharing public spaces category, saw the studios wrap an existing brick facade of a coalworker’s house in openwork brickwork of the same colour as the historical building.

“A radical, yet subtle approach seemingly elevates the existing historic fabric of a Katowice street imbued with Silesian coal history,” said the Brick Award jury.

今年的大獎由西里西亞大學的西班牙工作室BAAS Arquitectura的廣播電視學院獲得,該工作室由波蘭工作室Grupa 5 Architekci和MałeccyBiuro Projektowe設計。



In the Building outside the box category, Sameep Padora & Associates was named the winner for the curved brick roof of an extension to a children’s library in the Indian town of Kopargaon.

To create the fluid roof form that appears to grow out of the ground, the studio looked at the forms of vaulted brick ceilings found in Catalonia.

“This innovative project is exactly what this prize is about,” said the Brick Award jury. “The project has used bricks in an unconventional way shaping the roof of the library as a floating landscape and a playground for the school and at the same time embracing the library functions.”

在“盒子外面的建築物”類別中,Sameep Padora&Associates被授予了印度小鎮Kopargaon兒童圖書館擴建部分彎曲磚屋頂的優勝者。


磚獎評審團說:“這個創新項目正是這個獎項的意義。” “該項目以非常規的方式使用磚塊將圖書館的屋頂塑造為學校的浮動景觀和操場,同時兼具圖書館的功能。”

In the Living together category, Prototype Village House near the capital of Rwanda was named the winner. Designed by architect and associate professor of architecture at MIT Rafi Segal and the Rwanda Housing Authority, the brick house was designed to be a model for low-cost rural housing in the country’s rural areas.

“This sustainable house was designed as a prototype for affordable housing, whose modern and efficient architecture has been tailor-made for the local needs in Rwanda,” explained the Brick Award jury.

在“同居”類別中,盧旺達首都附近的原型村屋被評為獲勝者。 磚房由麻省理工學院拉菲西加爾分校和盧旺達住房管理局的建築師兼建築學副教授設計,旨在成為該國農村地區低成本農村住房的樣板。


A photography studio for the Mexican artist Graciela Iturbide designed by Taller Mauricio Rocha and Gabriela Carrillo was the winner in the Feeling at home category.

While a holiday home in Mallorca named Can Jaime I n’Isabelle, which was completed by TEd’Aarquitectes, was named a special prize winner in the category.

由塔勒·毛里西奧·羅查(Taller Mauricio Rocha)和加布里埃拉·卡里略(Gabriela Carrillo)設計的墨西哥藝術家Graciela Iturbide的攝影工作室是“家庭感覺”類別的獲獎者。

TEd’Aarquitectes完成的在馬略卡島的度假屋名為Can Jaime I n’Isabelle的獲獎者被評為該類別的特別獎。

Finally, the City Archive Delft by Office Winhov and Gottlieb Paludan Architects was awarded the Working together category win. Built on the edge of a park near Delft city centre, the building’s facade has a decorative relief pattern that looks like bookshelves.

最後,由Office Winhov和Gottlieb Paludan Architects共同設計的代爾夫特市檔案館被授予“一起工作”類獎項。 建築物的外牆建在代爾夫特(Delft)市中心附近的公園邊緣,其外牆具有裝飾性浮雕圖案,看起來像書架。

This year’s six winners will be featured in a book called Brick 20, alongside 44 other innovative shortlisted projects

The Brick Award has been organised by brick company Wienerberger for almost two decades. It is an independent award and the use of Wienerberger products is not a decisive fact of participation.

今年的六位獲獎者將與一本名為Brick 20的書一起亮相,還有其他44個創新入圍項目

磚獎由磚公司Wienerberger組織了近二十年。 這是一個獨立獎項,使用維納伯格產品並不是參與活動的決定性事實。



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