Architects: CAPOL
Area: 131102 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Feng Shao
Client:Shenzhen Land Investment and Development Center
Landscape:Shenzhen Hope Landscape & Architectural Design CO.,Ltd
Collaborator:Shenzhen Municipal Design & Research Institute Co.,Ltd


Liantang Port is located in Liantang Street, Luohu District, East Shenzhen. It is the seventh cross-border land comprehensive port planned and constructed by Shenzhen City. It is an important port in the east that constructs a major pattern of “east in and east out, west in and west out” for Shenzhen-Hong Kong cross-border transportation.

蓮塘港位於深圳東部羅湖區蓮塘街。 它是深圳市規劃建設的第七個跨境土地綜合利用港口。 它是東部重要的港口,為深港跨境運輸構建了“東西進,東西西進”的主要格局。

Different from other types of transportation hubs, Liantang Port is the first port building to adopt “one-stop customs clearance for passengers and goods” and “direct access between people and vehicles”. It is necessary to meet the customs clearance needs of the two regions, but also to meet the requirements of the customs for the level of control and quarantine of the flow of people and vehicles and the layout of special equipment for the site.

與其他類型的交通樞紐不同,蓮塘港是首個採用“客貨一站式通關”和“人車直達”的港口建築。 既要滿足兩個地區的通關需求,又要滿足海關對人流和車輛流的控制和檢疫水平以及現場專用設備的佈置要求。

Therefore, the cargo inspection area is set on the first floor, and the travel inspection area is set on the elevated platform on the second floor, so as to realize the vertical separation of travel inspection and cargo inspection. By sorting out and adjusting the external traffic, multiple ramp bridges and pedestrian/vehicle bridges are used to connect the surrounding environment to improve the external traffic diversion capacity of the project site.

因此,將貨物檢查區域設置在第一層,將旅行檢查區域設置在第二層的高架平台上,以實現旅行檢查和貨物檢查的垂直分離。 通過整理和調整外部交通,使用多個坡道橋和行人/車輛橋連接周圍環境,以提高項目場地的外部交通分流能力。

Liantang Port is a demonstration project led by the Shenzhen Municipal Government to provide full professional and full-process BIM results, the CAPOL’s BIM team started to build a BIM platform in the planning stage in order to achieve design creativity under hyperboloid and large spans. In the graphic design stage, through the BIM platform visual design and three-dimensional collaborative work, automated data flow and statistical analysis are realized, which has made a breakthrough for the establishment of BIM application specifications in the architectural design industry and the collaborative optimization of various platforms has accumulated valuable experience.

蓮塘港是深圳市政府牽頭的示範項目,旨在提供完整的專業和全過程的BIM結果,CAPOL的BIM團隊在規劃階段就開始構建BIM平台,以實現雙曲面和大跨度的設計創意。 在圖形設計階段,通過BIM平台的可視化設計和三維協同工作,實現了自動化的數據流和統計分析,為建築設計行業BIM應用規範的建立和BIM的協同優化提供了突破。 各種平台都積累了寶貴的經驗。

The project won the Best BIM Application Award in the 2015 Hong Kong International BIM Awards, the Fifth “Innovation Cup” Building Information Modeling (BIM) Application Design Competition “The Best BIM Popular Application Award”, and 2015 Guangdong Provincial Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award BIM Special Prize, etc.

該項目獲得了2015年香港國際BIM大獎的最佳BIM應用獎,第五屆“創新杯”建築信息模型(BIM)應用設計競賽“最佳BIM流行應用獎”,以及2015年廣東省優秀工程勘察設計獎 獲得BIM特別獎等

The design starts from paying attention to people’s sense of order, and creates a unique rhythmic light and shadow changing facade through the “double-inclined flow linear curved shape”, which presents the place personality and contemporary temperament of the building in the transition of time and space.

設計從關注人們的秩序感開始,並通過“雙斜流線性彎曲形狀”創造出獨特的節奏變化的光影立面,展現了時代在過渡時期的建築個性和現代氣質 和空間。


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