Architects: Ashari Architects
Area: 2000 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Parham Taghioff
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Azarakhsh Brick, ACT 3D, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Ehsan Saakht, Trimble Navigation
Lead Architects:AmirHossein Ashari
Design Team:Zahra Jafari, Elnaz Amini Khanimani, Ehsan Shabani, Zahra Rahimi, Ehsan Sarshenas
Clients:Rohollah Safari
Structure Engineer:Tachra Construction Group
Mechanical Engineer:Tachra Construction Group
Landscape:Ehsan Shabani, Zahra Rahimi
Design Partners:Zahra Jafari, Elnaz Amini Khanimani, Ehsan Shabani, Zahra Rahimi, Ehsan Sarshenas
Executive Team:Tachra Construction Group
Supervision:AmirHossein Ashari
Graphics:Zahra Jafari, Sara Nazemi, Afshin Ashari
3 D Renders:Amir Iranidoost Haghighi, Mostafa Yektarzadeh
Research:Elnaz Amini khanimani
Coordinator:Yassaman Sirjani

建築師:Ashari Architects
攝影:Parham Taghioff
製造商:AutoDesk,Azarakhsh Brick,ACT 3D,Adobe Systems Incorporated,Ehsan Saakht,Trimble Navigation
首席建築師:AmirHossein Ashari
設計團隊:Zahra Jafari,Elnaz Amini Khanimani,Ehsan Shabani,Zahra Rahimi,Ehsan Sarshenas
客戶:Rohollah Safari
景觀:Ehsan Shabani,Zahra Rahimi
設計合作夥伴:Zahra Jafari,Elnaz Amini Khanimani,Ehsan Shabani,Zahra Rahimi,Ehsan Sarshenas
監理:AmirHossein Ashari
圖形:Zahra Jafari,Sara Nazemi,Afshin Ashari
3D渲染:Amir Iranidoost Haghighi,Mostafa Yektarzadeh
研究:埃爾納茲·阿米尼·哈尼尼(Elnaz Amini khanimani)
協調人:Yassaman Sirjani

“Double Side”-Shimigiah Residential Apartment was a building with no residents for years. At first, the new owner had decided to make some minor alterations in terms of improving the building’s elevations; but under the discussion between our team and the client, we could convince him to renovate all the interior and outdoor spaces.

“雙面” -Shimigiah住宅公寓是一棟多年來沒有居民的建築物。 起初,新業主決定對建築物的高處進行一些小的改動; 但是在我們團隊與客戶之間的討論中,我們可以說服他對所有室內和室外空間進行翻新。

The northern and southern access to the apartment was completely different. Considering the variety of effective factors on the elevations and also the inconsistency of two facades, each side is determined to have a unique but consistent design. Regardless of all differences, some specific elements, materials and a unique color were shared on both sides, in order to provide single character for the entire building.

從北部和南部進入公寓的方式完全不同。 考慮到高程上各種有效因素的影響以及兩個外牆的不一致性,確定每側具有唯一但一致的設計。 無論有什麼區別,雙方都共享一些特定的元素,材料和獨特的顏色,以便為整個建築提供單一的特徵。

North Elevation
The initial northern elevation was an indented elevation. The alley, there, is narrow because of which, the building was not visible from the alley’s entrance. The openings are designed in different sides for filling the vacuity of the façade and making integrity. The different sides of the windows result in exhibiting different urban views; moreover, these oblique boxes make a three-dimensional elevation, to the extent that, a visual interaction can be created between the building and citizens. The rotation of the forms controls the rate of sunlight in northeast part.

最初的北高程是縮進高程。 因此,小巷很窄,因此從小巷的入口看不到建築物。 開口設計在不同的側面,以填充立面的空隙並使其完整。 窗戶的不同側面導致呈現出不同的城市景觀。 此外,這些傾斜的盒子構成了三維立體圖,在一定程度上可以在建築物和市民之間形成視覺互動。 表格的旋轉控制東北地區的日照率。

South Elevation
Despite the northern part, the southern alley is wider to provide a generous perspective. A metallic net is designed in order to install a number of portable and latticed openings and plants. These elements control the rate of southern sun and confine the ability of looking to inside. These foldaway windows provide various choices of using the natural light and views.

儘管北部,南部的小巷較寬,可以提供寬敞的視野。 設計金屬網是為了安裝許多便攜式的和格子狀的開口和設備。 這些元素控制著南方太陽的照射速度,並限制了向內看的能力。 這些可折疊的窗戶提供使用自然光和景觀的多種選擇。

The design team attempt was to create a unique yard to make an interactive space for different uses from all ages.
The stones on the façade, are continued on the yard’s floor to the pavement out of the courtyard. Besides the possibility of sitting, the benches play the role of sliding board. The playing objects make a new interaction between inhabitants. The entrance of the yard from the alley are transparent in order to create a close connection between inside and outside.

外牆的石頭在院子的地板上一直延伸到院子外的人行道。 長凳除了可以坐下外,還起著滑板的作用。 遊戲對像在居民之間產生了新的互動。 從小巷進入院子的入口是透明的,以便在內部和外部之間建立緊密的聯繫。


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