Architects: Atelier Alter Architects
Area: 15692 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Horizon Aerial, Highlite Images
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Chaos Group, Beijing Bolongsheng Gong Mao, Beijing Hongtai East Star Stone, CSG HOLDING, Hoogovens Building Systems, McNeel, Qi Cai Construction, Taitong Environment
Lead Architects:Yingfan Zhang, Xiaojun Bu
Design Team:Zhenwei Li, Kai Qin, Ping Jiang, Wei Huang, Tongwei Liu, Dehu Du, Jiahe Zhang, Ran Yan, Lairong Zheng, Jiaming Mei, Lidong Song, Xiaoxiao Zhao, Jingshi Zhang, Bida Wei, Wei Xiong, Weidi Chen, Xiaoqing Guo, Xueyun Da, Bo Huang, Leilei Ma, Hui Cao
Clients:Beijing Institute of Technology
Engineering:China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd.
Landscape:China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd.
Design Consultant:Beijing Hanhua Architectural Design Co.Ltd
Curtain Wall Consultant:PAG Façade Systems Co., Limited
Lighting Consultant:Jingyunyoujin Lighting Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd,Zhongchen Yuanzhan (Beijing) Lighting Design Co., Ltd,
Acoustic Consultant:China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd.
Collaborators:Beijing Hanhua Architectural Design Co.Ltd
Design General Contract:China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd.
City:Haidian Qu

建築師:工作室Alter Architects
製造商:AutoDesk,Chaos Group,北京Bolongsheng Gong Mao,北京Hongtai East Star Stone,CSG HOLDING,Hoogovens建築系統,McNeel,奇彩建築,太通環境
幕牆顧問:PAGFaçadeSystems Co.,Limited

During modernization, education in China breaks away from the obsolete test-oriented mentality and gradually embraces comprehensive learning instead. Beijing Institute of Technology tries to invent an integrating learning model that units science and liberal arts. Sited in Liangxiang, the satellite city of Beijing, the BIT Sports Center, completed in July 2019, along with BIT Stadium, frame an entrance to extended BIT campus in the exurb.

在現代化過程中,中國的教育擺脫了過時的應試心態,逐漸轉向全面學習。 北京理工大學試圖發明一種融合學習和科學的綜合學習模型。 BIT體育中心位於北京衛星城市良鄉,於2019年7月完工,與BIT體育館一起構成了郊區擴展BIT校園的入口。

The project responds to the horizontality embedded in the site: with the panoramic landscape of Yan-Shan mountain chain as the background, the modern and post-modern campus as the midground, and the ambitious urban parks as the foreground. The project bases its tectonic on “trajectory projection”—a major study in BIT—and stretch its formal expression on a flat site, to allow for a free flow of people and thought beneath it.

該項目對場地的水平性做出了回應:以燕山山脈的全景景觀為背景,以現代和後現代校園為中心,以雄心勃勃的城市公園為前景。 該項目的構造基於“軌道投影”(這是BIT的一項主要研究),並在平坦的場地上延伸其正式表達,以允許其下的人和思想自由流動。

The project’s material sensitivity reinstates the greyish monolithic tune of Hutong and Great-wall. Its undulating roof recreates the curve ground of Great-wall with modern construction. The project’s austere metallic architecture statement, along with its parametric syntax, expresses the scientific and technological aesthetics that BIT is striving for. The severe long winter in Beijing calls for 15,692 sm. of indoor athlete space provided by the project. The project encompasses a 3000-seats basketball hall, a 10-lanes swimming pool, and spaces for martial art, taekwondo, table tennis, etc.

該項目的材料敏感性恢復了胡同和長城的灰色整體音調。 其起伏的屋頂重現了具有現代建築風格的長城曲線地面。 該項目的嚴格金屬結構聲明以及其參數語法表達了BIT所追求的科學技術美學。 北京嚴冬漫長,總面積為15692平方米。 項目提供的室內運動員空間。 該項目包括一個可容納3000個座位的籃球館,一個10車道的游泳池以及武術,跆拳道,乒乓球等場所。

As building form is kept simple and compact for the climate, the challenge is to revolutionize big-box typology from within: the humanistic landscape is created through programmatic and spatial complexity of the interior rather than the exterior. With Mies’ “Universal Space” and Cedric Price’s “Fun Palace” in mind, the project creates an open field of porous campus that encourages visual and physical access to abundant activities. Spatial porosity engages creativity, criticality, and collaboration. Transparency in space inspires trans-disciplinary dialogues among students. The typology for social space is redefined in multiple scales and spatial definitions, which trigger new forms of networking and collective activities. Space is permeable in both urban and architecture scales, through plan and section.

由於建築形式要保持簡單,緊湊以適應氣候變化,因此面臨的挑戰是要徹底改變內部的大型建築類型:人文景觀是通過內部而非外部的程序和空間複雜性來創建的。 考慮到密斯(Mies)的“通用空間”和塞德里克·普賴斯(Cedric Price)的“有趣的宮殿”,該項目創建了一個開放的多孔校園,鼓勵人們從視覺和身體上參與豐富的活動。 空間孔隙度具有創造力,關鍵性和協作性。 空間的透明性激發了學生之間的跨學科對話。 社會空間的類型在多個尺度和空間定義中被重新定義,從而引發了新形式的網絡和集體活動。 從平面圖到剖面圖,城市和建築規模的空間都是可滲透的。

The architecture offers a new educational model: learning from being inspired, in an active open field. To respond to BIT’s call for unity between art and science, the project reiterates Leonardo da Vinci’s interdisciplinary dialogue on science, architecture, and art. Da Vinci’s drawing of the “Flying Machine” is built on the site with “trajectory parabola” derived from Polytechnique studies. “Trajectory parabolas” form double curvature surfaces, which then turn into undulating volumes for the building roof.

該體系結構提供了一種新的教育模式:在活躍的開放領域中從啟發中學習。 為了回應BIT呼籲藝術與科學之間統一的呼籲,該項目重申了達芬奇(Leonardo da Vinci)關於科學,建築與藝術的跨學科對話。 達·芬奇(Da Vinci)繪製的“飛行器”圖畫是在現場製作而成的,其中包含了從Polytechnique研究得出的“軌跡拋物線”。 “軌跡拋物線”形成雙曲率曲面,然後這些曲面變成建築物屋頂的起伏體積。

The undulating volumes are constructed in space-frame, which are covered by standing-seam roofing on top, and tessellated aluminum panels from beneath. Due to realistic constraints, the parametric design of the project encounters tremendous challenges during its execution. We collaborate with structural and MEP engineers to integral designs for solving problems of uplifting wind pressure, water runoff, snow guard, and over budgeting.

起伏的空間是在空間框架中構建的,頂部由直立縫隙屋頂覆蓋,而下方則由鑲嵌的鋁板覆蓋。 由於現實的限制,項目的參數設計在執行過程中遇到了巨大的挑戰。 我們與結構工程師和MEP工程師合作進行整體設計,以解決風壓升高,水徑流,防雪和預算過高的問題。


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