Architecture firm Snøhetta has been announced as the winner of a competition to design the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library in Medora, North Dakota.

The New York- and Oslo-based firm was chosen from a shortlist containing US firm Studio Gang and Danish studio Henning Larsen to design the library.


這家位於紐約和奧斯陸的公司是從包含美國公司Gang和丹麥工作室Henning Larsen的入圍名單中選出的,以設計圖書館。

Snøhetta’s winning design is topped with a huge curved roof designed to act as an extension of the site in North Dakota city Medora, which is surrounded by Badlands, abuts Theodore Roosevelt National Park and has views of the Elkhorn Ranch.

Designed for the northeast edge of the butte, the building will be linked to a curved pathway that will lead visitors around the site, connecting to the Maah Daah Hey Trail and additional pavilions.


該建築專為比尤特島的東北邊緣而設計,將與一條彎曲的小路相連,該小路將帶領遊客遊覽該地點,並連接至Maah Daah Hey小徑和其他涼亭。

“When designing a new project, we think about how we can more give to the site or community more than is initially asked of us,” said Craig Dykers. “We integrated the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library into the landscape of the North Dakota Badlands.”

According to Snøhetta, the building will be built with “natural and renewable” materials and use energy systems that will set a “new standard for sustainable design in the region”.

Visuals showing large expanses of wood and glass.

Craig Dykers說:“在設計一個新項目時,我們考慮的是如何比最初要求的更多地向網站或社區捐款。” “我們將西奧多·羅斯福總統圖書館整合到北達科他州荒地的景觀中。”



Snøhetta was commended for drawing on, and highlighting, the rough terrain of the Badlands, as well as considering the conservation policies Roosevelt worked on while serving as president of the United States from 1901 to 1909.

“One of Theodore Roosevelt’s most enduring legacies is conservation and our national parks,” said Theodore Roosevelt V, a great-great-grandson and namesake of the 26th president.

“This will be the only presidential library alongside a national park and the only national park alongside a presidential library. It will invite visitors to see and experience the very cradle of conservation. That is why this location in North Dakota is perfect for the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library.”



“這將是除國家公園外唯一的總統圖書館和除總統公園外唯一的國家公園。它將邀請遊客參觀和體驗自然保護的搖籃。這就是為什麼北達科他州的這一地點非常適合西奧多·羅斯福 總統圖書館。”

The project is also intended to extend beyond its site, including connections to Little Missouri River, a former military camp called the Cantonment, and the original train depot in where Roosevelt first arrived in the area. There would also be a parking option near these external sites for visitors to catch an electric caravan to the site.

Studio Gang, Henning Larsen and Snøhetta were shortlisted for the project from 12 practices that applied to the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) that the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation made public in April to find a suitable architect for the project. The firm intends to continue to develop the design.

該項目還打算擴展到其場地之外,包括與密蘇里州小密蘇里河的連接,羅斯福最初到達該地區的原始火車站。 在這些外部站點附近還將有一個停車選擇,供遊客搭乘電動大篷車前往該站點。

剛入圍Studio,Henning Larsen和Snøhetta的工作室從12個實踐中入圍,這些實踐適用於西奧多·羅斯福總統圖書館基金會於4月公開提出的資格要求(RFQ),以尋找適合該項目的建築師。 該公司打算繼續開發設計。

“We still have much to learn about President Roosevelt, and we’re looking forward to working with the Medora community and the broader project team to translate this knowledge into an immersive place to learn about TR’s life and legacy,” Dykers added.

Once completed it will join the 13 presidential libraries in the US that serve as archives and museums illustrating the life and work of each president since Herbert Hoover, who was in office from 1929-1933.

They were each built in their president’s home state, with the most recent library completed for George W Bush in Dallas, Texas.



他們每個人都是在總統的故鄉建造的,為德克薩斯州達拉斯的喬治·W·布什(George W Bush)完成了最新的圖書館。

Architects Tod Williams and Billie Tsien are designing the 14th presidential library for Barack Obama, who ended his term in 2017. They were selected for the project in June 2016 from a list that included Snøhetta, Renzo Piano and David Adjaye.

Called the Barack Obama Presidential Center, the project has encountered controversy because of its siting in the historic Jackson Park, which was designed in 1871 by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux.

建築師托德·威廉姆斯(Tod Williams)和比利·錢(Billie Tsien)正在為巴拉克·奧巴馬(Barack Obama)設計第14屆總統圖書館,奧巴馬總統於2017年任期屆滿。2016年6月,他們從Snøhetta,Renzo Piano和David Adjaye的名單中入選該項目。

這個項目被稱為巴拉克·奧巴馬(Barack Obama)總統中心,因為它位於歷史悠久的傑克遜公園(Jackson Park)中而引起爭議,該公園由弗雷德里克·勞·奧爾姆斯特(Frederick Law Olmsted)和卡爾弗特·沃克斯(Calvert Vaux)於1871年設計。



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