FROM:Erno Goldfinger’s Glenkerry House is a brutalist “vertical village”

This short film, published in collaboration with Open House London, focuses on Glenkerry House, a tower block that marries brutalism with architect Ernö Goldfinger’s utopian housing ideals.

Filmed by Edward Bishop of Stephenson/BishopFilms, it is one of a series of video tours of overlooked and unusual places in the city commissioned by the festival for its 2020 programme.

Built in Poplar in 1977, Glenkerry House is a 14-storey residential tower that functions as a housing cooperative, meaning that the block is managed by its residents.

It forms a part of Hungarian architect Goldfinger’s Brownfield Estate – a group of concrete tower blocks and low-rise housing at the north entrance of the Blackwall Tunnel, which includes Balfron Tower.

這部短片是與倫敦開放日博物館(Open House London)合作發行的,著重介紹了格倫克里莊園(Glenkerry House),這是一種將野蠻主義與建築師恩諾·高德芬格(ErnöGoldfinger)的烏托邦式住房理想結合在一起的塔樓。

該電影節由斯蒂芬森/畢曉普電影公司的愛德華·畢曉普(Edward Bishop)拍攝,是該電影節為其2020年計劃委託在城市中被忽視和與眾不同的地方進行的一系列視頻巡迴演出之一。

Glenkerry House建於1977年,位於Poplar,是一棟14層高的住宅塔樓,起著房屋合作社的作用,這意味著該街區由居民管理。

它是匈牙利建築師金手指(Goldfinger)的布朗菲爾德莊園(Brownfield Estate)的一部分,布朗菲爾德莊園是一組混凝土塔樓和低矮房屋,位於黑牆隧道(Blackwall Tunnel)的北入口,其中包括Balfron塔。

In the video, tour guide and Glenkerry House resident Katie John talks about the design and history of the tower, which is home to 79 generously sized flats.

The majority of flats contain one or two bedrooms, however, there are also four four-bedroom maisonettes on the ground floor and 12 three-bedroom flats. These are positioned in an interlocking arrangement that requires only one corridor for every three floors, helping to maximise living space for the residents.

Other interesting details that can be seen in the video include the tower block’s community gardens, its bush-hammered concrete finishes and a service tower that is topped by a projecting boiler room.

在視頻中,導遊和Glenkerry House居民Katie John討論了大廈的設計和歷史,該大廈擁有79個寬敞的公寓。

大部分單位設有一或兩間臥室,但是,一樓還有四個四居室複式公寓和十二個三居室公寓。 它們以互鎖的方式放置,每三層僅需要一個走廊,有助於為居民提供最大的居住空間。


Inside, John explains that the generous sizes of the flats and their large windows are a reflection of Goldfinger’s utopian housing ideals and belief “that everybody deserves high-quality accommodation”.

According to fellow Glenkerry House resident Alberte Lauridsen, who also features in the video, these ideals are still present today in the way that residents run the tower. Flats are also priced below market value to help make them more affordable to people on modest incomes.

As such, Glenkerry House is a “vertical village in which everyone has a say in keeping the community going,” Lauridsen said.


根據視頻中還介紹了Glenkerry House居民的阿爾伯特·勞里森(Alberte Lauridsen)的說法,如今,這些理想仍然以居民管理大樓的方式存在。 公寓的價格也低於市場價值,以幫助收入較低的人們更加負擔得起。


The films are part of the festival’s diverse programme for 2020, which has been curated in response to the coronavirus pandemic and fewer buildings opening to the public as a result.




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