Reflect Architecture has renovated a house for a young family living in Toronto, Canada, by brightening its truncated interiors and twisting a blue slide through its centre.

The update to the house, which is named Walker, was focused on reconfiguring the existing layout to create lighter, open spaces that better serve the family’s lifestyle and encourage them to spend time together and play.

Reflect Architecture通過加亮其截斷的內部空間並扭曲其中心的藍色幻燈片,為加拿大多倫多的一個年輕家庭裝修了房屋。


Walker’s centrepiece is the children’s spiralling blue slide, which plummets through the heart of the house and connects the basement level to the ground floor.

The slide was designed by Reflect Architecture to animate the lower-level so that it did “not feel like a basement” and to also help bring in natural light via the large opening that it required.


幻燈片是由Reflect Architecture設計的,用於對下層進行動畫處理,從而使其“感覺不像地下室”,並且還通過所需的大開口幫助引入自然光。

“Both of the parents are entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space and consider downtime and play to be important for mental and physical health, so a large part of the home design was consideration around the integration of play within the home,” said the studio’s principal architect Trevor Wallace.

“We cut a large opening in the ground floor to connect the two levels of the unit and bring both natural light and giggling children down to the lower level.”

該工作室的負責人說:“父母雙方都是健康和保健領域的企業家,他們認為停工和遊戲對心理和身體健康至關重要,因此,大部分的家庭設計都考慮了將游戲整合到家庭中。” 首席建築師Trevor Wallace。


The existing house was initially divided up into three floors of separate living units, which the family were renting out to help offset the cost of buying the home.

Now their tenants have moved out, Reflect Architecture was asked to combine the ground floor and basement level into a single dwelling for the family of five – leaving only the first floor available to rent.


現在他們的房客搬了出去,Reflect Architecture被要求將一樓和地下室的樓層合併為一個五口之家的單一住所-僅保留一樓可供出租。

“They were a small, young family with one child when they bought the home and the house was a stretch for them as the area is expensive and Toronto’s housing market was, and still is, on fire,” Wallace told Dezeen.

“When I got the initial design brief, they noted wanting to keep the second floor as a separate unit to ease the ongoing financial pressures of having a big family in an expensive city.”



The three children’s bedrooms are now on the basement level, alongside three bathrooms and a spare guest bedroom. The master bedroom and ensuite are at the centre of the ground floor.

To connect the two floors, there is also a folding wooden staircase next to the slide that is lined with a perforated-metal balustrade and lit by night lights integrated into the ceiling.

The remainder of the ground floor is filled with the family’s communal spaces. This includes a study and a south-facing cooking, dining and entertainment area.

This open-plan living area is placed at the front of the house and framed from the outside through a new large, which the studio designed so that the house feels “integrated within the neighbourhood and welcoming to guests”.

現在,三間兒童臥室位於地下一層,另外還有三間浴室和一間備用客臥。 主臥和套間位於一樓的中央。


一樓的其餘部分充滿了家庭的公共空間。 其中包括一個書房和一個朝南的烹飪,餐飲和娛樂區。


Meanwhile, the study was placed at the rear of the house to create a contrasting quiet and private space with a connection to the garden.

It is complete with sliding doors to the outside, a full-wall whiteboard and central tables with integrated power sockets.



Externally, changes to the dwelling are visible where some existing windows have been relocated to suit the new interior configuration.

The street-facing facade of the ground floor has also been updated with metal panels, wooden louvres and dark wood cladding that has been treated using the Japanese technique of shou sugi ban.


底層的面向街道的外牆也進行了更新,採用了金屬板,木製百葉窗和深色木質壁板,並使用了日本的shou sugi ban技術對其進行了處理。

Inside, Walker is complete with a deliberately simple material palette, requested by the client to offer “a calming canvas on which they could live their lives”.

This includes wooden floors, teamed with white walls that can be decorated with books and art. However, pops of colour are also present, such as in the kitchen area where navy blue cabinetry has been teamed with marble countertops.


其中包括木地板,以及可以用書和藝術品裝飾的白色牆壁。 但是,也存在一些流行色,例如在廚房區域,其中海軍藍色櫥櫃已與大理石檯面組合在一起。

Other houses from Dezeen’s archives that feature slides include Skyhouse in New York by David Hotson and Ghislaine Viñas and Moon Hoon’s Panorama House in South Korea, where a wooden slide is slotted into a combined staircase and bookshelf.

Photography is by Riley Snelling.

Dezeen檔案中有幻燈片的其他房屋包括David Hotson和GhislaineViñas的紐約Skyhouse以及韓國Moon Hoon的Panorama House,其中一個木製幻燈片被插入組合樓梯和書架中。

攝影是賴利·斯內林(Riley Snelling)拍攝的。



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