Architects: Tabanlıoğlu Architects
Area: 22900 m²
Year: 2013
photographs: Thomas Mayer
Architectural Project Team:Salih Yılgörür, Aydın Işık, Ali Çalışkan, Utkan Yönter, Cenk Tunaboylu, Gökçe N. Gündüz, Fatma Ural, Tuğçe Güleç, Zeynep Dündar, Devran Eren Üzün, Oktay Murat,Sema Türker, İsmail Ulukaya, Ali Rıza Saçan, Gülin Derman
Structural:AN Engineering
Mechanical:ARKE / Türkoğlu
Fire:Prof. Dr. Abdurrahman Kılıç
Facade:Okyanus Group
Main Contractor :Selçuklu Construction
General Coordinator:Hulki Yücel

建築項目團隊:SalihYılgörür,AydınIşık,AliÇalışkan,UtkanYönter,Cenk Tunaboylu,GökçeN.Gündüz,Fatma Ural,TuğçeGüleç,ZeynepDündar,Devran ErenÜzüsan,Oktay Murat,Sema, 古林·德曼
機械:ARKE /Türkoğlu
火:教授。 AbdurrahmanKılıç博士
外立面:Okyanus Group

The owner of the pharmaceutical company is an elderly couple who would like the house feeling at the office; accordingly, scales, organization and aesthetics refer to residential settings, namely traditional Istanbul waterside mansions.

製藥公司的所有者是一對希望在辦公室感覺像房子的老年夫婦。 因此,規模,組織和美學是指住宅環境,即傳統的伊斯坦布爾水濱豪宅。

Like a small county settlement, juxtaposition of seven house-like volumes with hipped roofs forms the campus. The individual ‘houses’ integrate to each other either through gardens, roof gardens, upper or lower patios and paths and atriums. The brown color of the exterior brings up the soft wood effect and unifies the structure.

就像一個小縣城一樣,校園由七個房屋式的屋頂和傾斜的屋頂並置而成。 各個“房屋”通過花園,屋頂花園,上下露台,小徑和中庭相互融合。 外觀的棕色調調出柔和的木質效果,並統一了結構。

Reminiscent of modern villas, daylight enters through roofs and all transparent sides, creating a diffused lighting mood in the spacious internal space until the basement floor. To provide the balance of light and shadow and to increase the efficiency of passive climate control, the masses are enveloped with a designed mesh system.

日光透過屋頂和所有透明的側面進入,讓人聯想到現代別墅,在寬敞的內部空間直至地下室的地板上散發出濃淡的照明氣氛。 為了提供光線和陰影的平衡並提高被動氣候控制的效率,將群眾包裹在設計好的網格系統中。

Three floors for office use and two underground floors are reserved for car parking of the five-storey structure. Above the car park, first basement floor is at the sunken garden level; besides offices, multi-purpose halls, staff dining hall, sports and lounge zone are located, with an easy access to the green landscape. In addition to the wide windows, interiors of the basement floor receive daylight also through atriums.

保留三層用於辦公室,地下兩層用於五層結構的停車場。 在停車場上方,地下一層位於沉沒的花園樓層; 除辦公室外,還設有多功能廳,員工餐廳,運動場和休閒區,可輕鬆進入綠色景觀。 除了寬大的窗戶外,地下室的內部還通過中庭獲得日光。

The main entrance to the building is provided at the ground floor, by way of a bridge, side bridges link the roof terraces. Atriums and interior gardens create social zones between offices, located at the ground floor. The first floor (the top floor) is the executive office floor for managers and partners, including elegant dining halls, activity rooms and VIP lounges; “private world’ of both partners constructed as mezzanine duplexes at two ends of the top floor.

建築物的主要入口位於一樓,通過一座橋,側橋連接屋頂露台。 中庭和室內花園在位於底樓的辦公室之間創建了社交區域。 一樓(頂層)是經理和合作夥伴的行政辦公樓,包括優雅的食堂,活動室和貴賓休息室; 雙方合作夥伴的“私人世界”在頂層的兩端構造為夾層雙層公寓。

The project received 2013 WAF Future Office Project Award and MIPIM 2015 Award Best Office and Business Development.

該項目獲得了2013 WAF未來辦公室項目獎和MIPIM 2015最佳辦公室和業務發展獎。


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