Architects: T+T Architects
Area: 15900 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Ilya Ivanov
Manufacturers: Purmo, REHAU, Facro, IZOVOL, Mastech, RGC, Technoservice, Tekhnonikol, WhiteHills
Lead Architects:Trukhanov Sergey Brovkin A., Makarov N., Kupriyanov V., Stepanova E., Fadeev A., Orekhova E., S singer M., Trusova O.
Client:KR Properties
Developer:KR Properties

建築師:T + T Architects
攝影:Ilya Ivanov
首席建築師:Trukhanov Sergey Brovkin A.,Makarov N.,Kupriyanov V.,Stepanova E.,Fadeev A.,Orekhova E.,S歌手M.,Trusova O.
開發人員:KR Properties

“Studio 12” is an apartment complex for creativity, work of art entrepreneurs, and artists. Spacious lofts with attics and additional daylight, terraces, and panoramic windows allow you to easily work with space, create flexible interiors of apartments, offices, and workshops in various styles and with a wide range of functionality.

“ Studio 12”是一個公寓大樓,可容納創意,藝術企業家和藝術家的作品。 寬敞的閣樓,帶閣樓和額外的日光,露台和全景窗戶,可讓您輕鬆地處理空間,為各種樣式和功能廣泛的公寓,辦公室和工作間創建靈活的室內設計。

“Studio 12” is a continuation of the “Studio 8” project and developed in the format of complex territory revitalization. Loft-quarter consists of four buildings with a height of 3-5 floors. There are located 2-level attic apartments with additional daylight and 2-level apartments with a separate entrance. All types of apartments have a flexible layout and panoramic windows. Parking lots are carefully located along the perimeter of the complex.

“ Studio 12”是“ Studio 8”項目的延續,並以復雜的地區振興形式開發。 四分之一閣樓由四層建築組成,高度為3-5層。 設有帶日光的2層閣樓公寓和帶獨立入口的2層公寓。 所有類型的公寓都擁有靈活的佈局和全景窗戶。 停車場沿建築群周邊精心佈置。

The architectural image of the Loft-quarter, created by T+T Architects specialists, developed on the basis of images that are inspired by the location. According to the idea of the authors of the concept, this place should be associated with the era of the 60’s. This was a time of dreamers and adventurers, a time when the world needed bright architectural solutions and bold concepts.

由T + T Architects專家創建的Loft總部的建築圖像是根據受該位置啟發的圖像而開發的。 根據該概念作者的想法,這個地方應該與60年代相關。 這是一個夢想家和冒險家的時代,這個世界需要明亮的建築解決方案和大膽的概念的時代。

In Moscow, this era is associated with the conquest of space, industrial development, construction of Ostankino TV tower. One of the starting points for creating “Studio 12” became “Zvezdny gorodok”, a tiny residential complex located near VDNH. Low-rise closed block is hidden in the quiet street but at the same time meeting the most modern standards of life and work. This non-standard and cozy project for the megapolis in which large-scale forms and regional developments prevail.

在莫斯科,這個時代與對空間的征服,工業發展以及奧斯坦金諾電視塔的建造有關。 創建“ Studio 12”的起點之一就是“ Zvezdny gorodok”,這是位於VDNH附近的小型住宅區。 低層封閉的街區隱藏在安靜的街道上,但同時又符合生活和工作的最現代標準。 這個針對大都市的非標準而舒適的項目,其中大規模形式和區域發展盛行。

The industrial style of the district’s development dictated the development of the quarter in the loft-style. Elements of industrial architecture are structurally supplemented with modern engineering and design solutions. During the analysis of the area and buildings, it was decided to preserve the historical buildings that are suitable for restoration.

該地區發展的工業風格決定了該季度以閣樓風格的發展。 工業建築的要素在結構上得到了現代工程和設計解決方案的補充。 在分析區域和建築物時,決定保留適合修復的歷史建築物。

The design project is designed in the tradition of the loft-style, the architectural style combines a space for business and comfortable life. Yards are planned to be filled with original art-objects and a large amount of outdoor furniture. Green zones create a sense of comfort and security, which allows all residents to relax and work right in the yard.

設計項目以閣樓風格的傳統進行設計,建築風格結合了商務和舒適生活的空間。 計劃在院子裡堆滿原始藝術品和大量戶外家具。 綠色區域營造了一種舒適感和安全感,使所有居民都可以在院子裡放鬆和工作。

The format of “live and work” almost not found on the territory of Moscow, but extremely popular. Ability to organize offices and workshops on the first floor and use other floors of the building for living premises won over representatives of creative professions.

“生活和工作”的形式在莫斯科領土上幾乎沒有,但是非常流行。 能夠在一樓組織辦公室和工作室,並將建築物的其他樓層用作居住場所,這勝過了創意專業人士的代表。


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