Architects: AMDL CIRCLE
Area: 430 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Max Rommel
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Chaos Group, Artemide, Alessi, Produzione Privata, Robert McNeel & Associates, Solidworks
Lead Architects:Michele De Lucchi, Angelo Micheli, Elena Naldi, Giacomo Nava, Federica Cevasco
Local Architect:Robert Veneri
Interior Design :Federica Cevasco
Furniture Design :Produzione Privata, Pico De Lucchi Alberto Nason Michel Sempels
3 D Artist Architect :Alessandro Ghiringhelli
Client Relations :Monica Del Torchio

攝影:Max Rommel
製造商:AutoDesk,Chaos Group,Artemide,Alessi,Produzione Privata,Robert McNeel&Associates,Solidworks
首席建築師:Michele De Lucchi,Angelo Micheli,Elena Naldi,Giacomo Nava,Federica Cevasco
本地建築師:Robert Veneri
家具設計:Produzione Privata,Pico De Lucchi Alberto Nason Michel Sempels
客戶關係:Monica Del Torchio

Le Case del Prato (which translates as “Homes in the Pastures”) are two small wooden architectures that add 6 master bedrooms to the luxury Zirmerhof Hotel, Redagno di Sopra, situated in the verdant mountains of South Tyrol. The two buildings are realized with timber salvaged after the Vaia storm of October 2018, which tore down 14 million trees, also damaging the woodland around the Zirmerhof Hotel.

Le Case del Prato(譯為“牧場中的房屋”)是兩個小型木製建築,為位於南蒂羅爾翠綠的豪華Zirmerhof Hotel Redagno di Sopra酒店增加了6間主臥。 在2018年10月的Vaia暴風雨過後搶救了這兩棟建築,砍伐了1400萬棵樹木,也破壞了Zirmerhof Hotel周圍的林地。

The Project transformed this felled timber into an installation of art and architecture. The objects and spaces in the “Case del Prato”, all designed by AMDL CIRCLE, contemplate and complement one another. The Case del Prato are conceived as sculptural volumes. They are positioned on sloping pastures, in front of the majestic historicanMaso (farmstead). They are built with timber felled by storm Vaia.

該項目將這種砍伐的木材轉變為藝術品和建築作品。 由AMDL CIRCLE設計的“ Case del Prato”中的物體和空間相互思索並相互補充。 Case del Prato設計為雕塑作品。 他們被安置在傾斜的牧場上,在雄偉的歷史建築Maso(農莊)前面。 他們是用暴風雨Vaia砍伐的木材建造的。

The salvaged pinewood has been used for beams and to build load-bearing walls, while formwork, cladding, and internal walls and floors were realized with the salvaged larchwood. Wood is, of course, the key player in the whole design, chosen for the ability to transform over time while maintaining synergy with the rhythms of nature, also after being felled, sawn, processed, and recomposed. From a formal perspective, the curved lines of the roofs recall the form of traditional barns. Clad with larchwood shingles, the roofs recapture an ancient construction technique that is still used in certain parts of the Dolomites, which enables the cladding of rounded surfaces.

被打撈的松木已被用於橫樑和建造承重牆,而通過打撈的落葉松木可實現模板,覆層,內牆和地面。 當然,木材是整個設計中的關鍵角色,因為木材經過砍伐,鋸切,加工和重組後,具有隨時間變化的能力,同時又保持與自然節奏的協同作用,因此被選中。 從形式上看,屋頂的弧線讓人想起傳統穀倉的形式。 屋頂覆蓋著落葉松木帶狀地板,重新捕捉了一種古老的建築技術,該技術仍在白雲巖的某些部分中使用,從而可以對圓形表面進行包覆。

The scenographic interiors are made possible by Produzione Privata, the company founded by Michele De Lucchi to design and produce experimental objects while supporting local artisans. Produzione Privata allows AMDL CIRCLE to create installations where objects and interior design develop alongside the architecture.

風景秀麗的內飾由Produzione Privata提供,該公司由Michele De Lucchi創立,旨在設計和生產實驗物品,同時支持當地工匠。 Produzione Privata允許AMDL CIRCLE創建安裝,在該安裝中對象和室內設計與建築一起發展。

The contemporary feel of the environment is determined by the careful and attentive design of every single element. To recall the antique furniture of the farmstead, many of the interior pieces in the Casa del Prato have been realized in walnut and are characterized by certain elements typical of local decor.

每個元素的精心設計都決定了當代環境的感覺。 讓人想起農莊的古董家具,卡薩德爾普拉託之家的許多內飾都是用胡桃木製成的,並具有當地裝飾特有的某些特徵。

The project Vaia’s destruction into architecture: however, the message left by Vaia is quite clear. It is a message that comes from a tale of climate change and that shows us how nature is rebelling against our inconsiderate actions, against those anthropogenic changes that are far from natural.

Vaia項目毀於建築:但是,Vaia留下的信息很明確。 這是來自氣候變化故事的信息,它向我們展示了自然是如何反抗我們不加考慮的行動,抵制那些非自然的人為改變的。


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