Architects: Atelier Li Xinggang
Area: 88011 m²
Year: 2015
Photographs: Guangyuan Zhang, Xinggang Li, Peng Sun
Manufacturers: 南京倍立达, 深圳罡正实业


“The Third Space” is located in the prosperous North Jianshe Road, of which the east side is next to north-south parallel rows of workers’ house. The direction, layout, the volume and the shape of tower and podium are nearly all determined by the calculation of sunlight in order to fulfill the rigorous sunlight standard. Two parallel 100 meters high slab-type building are rotated by a certain degree along the direction of the incoming southwest sunlight and then face southeast with the roof of the podium cut into a zigzag shape leaving a ribbon shape garden in the east side.

“第三空間”位於繁華的建設北路,東側毗鄰南北平行的一排排工人房屋。 塔和講台的方向,佈局,體積和形狀幾乎都由陽光的計算決定,以滿足嚴格的陽光標準。 將兩座平行的100米高的平板式建築沿入射的西南陽光方向旋轉一定程度,然後面向東南,將講台的屋頂切成鋸齒形,在東側留下一個帶狀花園。

“The Third Space” complex tries to convey a kind of image of a three dimensional city settlement extends to the sky with 76 vertical stacked villas in the city. The floor slabs in usually flat in “Standard floor” in this project are stacked with staggered structural arrangement and thus form continuous increase of height level in each unit like geometric artificial terraces containing the transition of functions from the public to the private with the inhabitants climb and cross in the terraces, feeling the quiet atmosphere forming in the continuous spatial transitions.

“第三空間”綜合體試圖傳達一種三維圖像,其中三維城市定居點延伸到空中,城市中有76座垂直堆疊的別墅。 在此項目中,通常在“標準樓層”中通常為平面的樓板以交錯的結構佈置堆疊在一起,從而使每個單元的高度水平不斷增加,就像幾何人造露台一樣,隨著居民的攀登,功能從公共到私人的過渡 穿過梯田,感覺到在連續的空間過渡中形成的寧靜氛圍。

Collection and media space are formed into the shape of houses on the slope. Pavilion houses with different size, shapes and direction are all transferred to the elevation in order to take in the city views and serve as several lively platforms of life open to the city thus becoming a symbol of dense vertical arranged “city settlement”. The real verdant courtyard is introduced into the top units with the help of the roof and thus creates a different feeling of height than that in the common villa.

收集和媒體空間形成為斜坡上房屋的形狀。 大小,形狀和方向各異的涼亭房屋全部轉移到立面,以欣賞城市景觀,並成為向城市開放的幾個生動的生活平台,從而成為垂直排列的“城市聚居”的象徵。 真正的翠綠庭院在屋頂的幫助下被引入到頂層單元中,從而產生了與普通別墅不同的高度感。

All the duplex apartment units are stacked vertically with outdoor pavilions of different sizes and directions cantilevered in the corresponding elevation, taking in the city and nature view below and far away and becoming a new landscape in the city.



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