Firm:LOVE Architecture
Type:Residential › Multi Unit Housing
Size:10,000 sqft – 25,000 sqft
Budget:$1M – 5M

事務所:LOVE Architecture
預算:$ 1百萬-5百萬

The construction of small apartments that are relatively inexpensive yet still high quality is currently one of the most essential challenges in housing construction.


The Ragnitzstraße 36 project is meeting these conflicting priorities in the following manner:


A structurally simple, systematic and efficiently designed base building structure houses all apartments. To the south, this structure is flanked by zigzag-shaped, spacious balconies, while the north side features a pergola opening encased in expanded metal.


Thus, the building’s overall architectural character is defined by relatively nexpensive building components, such as the balconies.The building houses 15 small apartments (40-50m²) and one penthouse on the top floor, with a subterranean parking level below.All apartments are oriented to the south and feature spacious outside areas (balconies or terraces) that face the green space of Ragnitzbach. The balconies and outside areas that cover the entire apartment widths are partially roofed and feature a minimum size of 17m². Thus, the actual living area extends towards the outside area, and living rooms and edrooms appear larger and more spacious. The larch-wood balcony railings are placed in a fan-like manner along the zigzag rhythm of the cantilever slab, with both materials and workmanship creating a homely tmosphere.


The north-facing pergola blocks the traffic noise of the Ragnitzstraße. The expanded metal façade is mounted such that it appears almost transparent from the west. However, when approaching the building from the east, the façade appears closed and volumetric, which creates a kind of visual tilting effect as one passes the building.

涼棚朝北,阻止了Ragnitzstraße的交通噪音。 金屬網立面的安裝方式使其從西方看起來幾乎是透明的。 但是,當從東面接近建築物時,立面顯得封閉且具有立體感,當人們通過建築物時會產生一種視覺上的傾斜效果。

Overall, the appearance of the structure varies dramatically depending on the viewer’s perspective,which gives the building a very sculptural and three-dimensional feel.



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