Location:Los Angeles, CA
Owner:Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Design Architect:Renzo Piano Building Workshop


The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is a new cultural destination designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop, located in the historic, Streamline Moderne building at Wilshire and Fairfax, next to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

電影學院電影博物館是由倫佐·皮亞諾(Renzo Piano)建築工作室設計的新文化目的地,位於威爾希爾和費爾法克斯(Fairfax)具有歷史意義的流線型現代建築中,毗鄰洛杉磯縣藝術博物館(LACMA)。

The project restored important historical features of the original 1939 May Company building, which was renamed the Saban Building. It kept the original character of the former department store’s Wilshire façade, sourcing new limestone from outside of Austin, Texas, where the original stone was quarried. In addition, MATT rehabilitated the black granite, gold tile and bronze doors.

該項目恢復了原始的1939年5月公司建築物的重要歷史特徵,該建築物更名為薩班大廈。 它保留了原百貨商店威爾希爾立面的原始特徵,從得克薩斯州奧斯汀市以外的地方採購了新的石灰石,在那裡開采了原始石材。 此外,MATT還修復了黑色花崗岩,金磚和青銅門。

The building interior was retrofit to accommodate museum uses. It will contain a mixture of galleries, temporary exhibition spaces, event venues, a retail space, a restaurant and café, and a 288-seat underground theater. The museum’s lower level will also include significant spaces dedicated to education and conservation.

建築物內部經過翻新以適應博物館用途。 它將包括畫廊,臨時展覽空間,活動場所,零售空間,餐廳和咖啡廳以及一個288個座位的地下劇院。 博物館的低層還將包括用於教育和保護的重要空間。

The north façade of the Saban Building was entirely replaced by a glass curtain wall. This shifts the focus of the building to project north to the new 42,300 sf, base-isolated, six-and-a-half story, glass and concrete spherical structure that houses the 1,000-seat David Geffen Theater.

薩班大廈的北立面完全被玻璃幕牆所取代。 這將建築的重心轉移到了向北投射到新的42,300平方英尺,基礎隔離,六層半的玻璃和混凝土球形結構中,該結構容納了可容納1,000個座位的David Geffen劇院。

The bottom semi-sphere is poured concrete with precast cladding. The top half is glass. Extensive supports and birdcage scaffolding will hold the structure in place until the final piece of glass can lock it together like the keystone of an arch. Renzo Piano’s signature spider stairways with finely detailed railings and treads climb the outside of the orb.

底部的半球體是澆築有預製覆層的混凝土。 上半部分是玻璃。 廣泛的支撐和鳥籠腳手架將結構固定在適當位置,直到最後一塊玻璃可以像拱形的梯石一樣將其鎖定在一起。 倫佐·皮亞諾(Renzo Piano)的招牌蜘蛛樓梯以及精美的欄杆和胎面爬到了球體的外部。

On top of the theater, the Dolby Family Terrace space features radiant heating and cooling and allow guests to look out over Park La Brea to the Hollywood Hills.

杜比家庭露台(Dolby Family Terrace)空間位於劇院頂部,具有輻射采暖和製冷功能,使客人可以俯瞰Park La Brea公園到好萊塢山丘。

Pedestrian bridges connect the Saban Building and the sphere at the mezzanine and fifth levels. An additional service bridge is located on the second floor. The museum is scheduled to open April 2021.

人行天橋在頂層和第五層之間連接薩班大廈和球體。 另外的服務橋位於二樓。 該博物館計劃於2021年4月開放。


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