Location: Yongin-si, gyeonggi-do, Korea
Design period: nov. 2011 – jul. 2012
Construction period: oct. 2012 – jan. 2013
Site area: 451 sqm
Building area: 50.67 sqm
Gross floor area: 131.87 m
Floors: 3
Parking: 1
Height: 10.2 m
Building to land ratio: 11.24%
Floor area ratio: 29.24%
Structure: wood structure, reinforced concrete
Exterior finish: Stucco flex
Interior finish: Wallpaper
Budget: 200 million KRW
Architect: Moonbalsso / moon hoon
Project team: Jang dukhyun, lee byungyeup
Structure engineering: Moonbalsso / power structure
Mechanical/electrical engineer: Guekdong engineering
Photography: Namgoong sun

設計時間:11月。 2011年– 7月。 2012年
建設期:十月。 2012年-1月。 2013年
總建築面積:131.87 m
高度:10.2 m
建築師:Moonbalsso /月勳
結構工程:Moonbalsso /電源結構
機電工程師:Guekdong Engineering

Korean architect moon hoon has recently completed the ‘starwars house’, which loosely references the classic sci-fi series through its overall form, façade articulation, and generally playful spaces. The irregular volume sits among a large grassy site, and has a small building footprint, inclined walls, and a wood deck wrapping two sides. The layout packs two dense levels on the ground and first floors, while the upper story contains an open play room for the family’s children. Horizontally-banded windows open up the structure’s eastern corner, while a central atrium provides daylight throughout the interior spaces.

韓國建築師Moon hoon最近完成了“星際大戰之家”,該星際大戰的整體形式,立面的銜接和一般的嬉戲空間鬆散地引用了經典科幻系列。 不規則的體積位於一個大草叢中,建築物佔地面積小,牆壁傾斜,木板覆蓋著兩側。 佈局在地面和一樓有兩個密集的樓層,而頂層則為家庭的孩子們提供了一個開放式遊戲室。 水平帶狀的窗戶打開了該結構的東角,而中庭則在整個室內空間提供了日光。

With a desire to have more space and are residential garden, the clients are representative of a current movement in korea, in which young families are moving from the predominant apartment-dwelling population to detached homes. The ‘starwars house’ delivers on the clients’ needs, by providing open play area for the children and also responding to the husband’s childhood dream of becoming an astronaut.

The upper level includes a short slide and secret room, whose door is concealed within the wall’s shelving pattern. With views elevated views to the outside, architect moon hoon describes the top floor as, ‘a place high up that could be a control room for the future darth vader or a jedi.’

渴望擁有更多空間並成為住宅花園的客戶代表了韓國目前的潮流,在這個潮流中,年輕的家庭正從主要的公寓居住人口遷移到獨立屋。 “星際之家”通過為孩子們提供開放的遊樂區並滿足丈夫童年時代成為宇航員的夢想,滿足了客戶的需求。

上層包括一個小滑梯和一個秘密房間,其門隱藏在牆的擱架樣式內。 建築師Moon hoon透過俯瞰室外的全景,將頂層描述為:“高處可能是未來達斯·維達或絕地武士的控制室。”


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