Architects: ingenhoven architects
Area: 26115 m²
Year: 2017
Manufacturers: Busch-Jaeger, FSB Franz Schneider Brakel, Schmitt+Sohn Elevadores, Vitra, WILA Lighting, Hörmman
Site Supervision:ingenhoven architects / Ernst2 Architekten
Structural Design:Mohnke Höss structural engineers
Energy Concept, Photovoltaics 
And Building Services:DS-Plan
Lighting Design:Tropp Lighting Design
Landscape Design:ingenhoven architects /
BBS Landscape Engineering
Facade Design:DS-Plan
Project Management:Thost Projektmanagement
Interior Design Of Special Areas:ingenhoven architects
Green Building Certificate:Sustainability guide,
V 2.0 by IWTI Net-surplus-energy building
Client:City of Freiburg im Breisgau,
represented by Freiburg Property Management Department
User:Freiburg City Administration
Gfa Town Hall:24,215 m2
Gfa Day Nursery:1,900 m2
Fire Protection:BPK Brandschutz Planung Klingsch, Düsseldorf

製造商:Busch-Jaeger,FSB Franz Schneider Brakel,Schmitt + Sohn Elevadores,Vitra,WILA Lighting,Hörmman
現場監督:建築師/ Ernst2 Architekten
景觀設計:資深建築師/ BBS景觀工程
綠色建築證書:可持續發展指南,IWTI淨剩餘能源建築的V 2.0版
消防:BPK Brandschutz Planung Klingsch,杜塞爾多夫

World’s first public net-surplus-energy building—it generates more energy than it consumes. The new building of the first construction phase of the new town hall in Freiburg im Breisgau with its administration center and day nursery is the world’s first public building built to the net-surplus- energy standard and accommodates the 840 employees of the City Administration under one roof after they had previously been spread over 16 different sites throughout the city. The new administration centre, which is part of the town hall extension for the City of Freiburg, is designed to provide a stimulus for upgrading the Stühlinger area of Freiburg in terms of town planning and urban design and to provide a greenbelt link between Eschholz Park and the University Hospital.

世界上第一座公共淨盈餘公共建築-它產生的能源多於消耗的能源。 布雷斯高弗賴堡新市政廳第一期建設的新大樓及其管理中心和托兒所是世界上第一座按淨剩餘能源標準建造的公共建築,可容納840名市政管理人員 他們之前曾在整個城市的16個不同地點散佈過屋頂。 新的行政中心是弗賴堡市市政廳擴建的一部分,旨在刺激弗賴堡Stühlinger地區的城鎮規劃和城市設計,並在Eschholz公園和 大學醫院。

The winning entry by ingenhoven architects to the 2013 international architectural competition embodies the principles of openness and transparency and incorporates a “green campus” concept, in which three building tracts and a day nursery are combined. The ensemble of the new town hall buildings is integrated into the green space between Eschholz Park and the University Hospital—the linking effect is reinforced by vistas and a public pathway network. By increasing the public space at Fehrenbachallee, space has been opened up for a new address, thereby creating an attractive public city square. The main entrance to the new building is situated opposite the existing building.

Ingenhoven建築師參加2013年國際建築大賽的獲獎作品體現了開放性和透明性的原則,並結合了“綠色校園”概念,其中將三個建築區和一個日託所結合在一起。 新市政廳大樓的整體融入了Eschholz公園和大學醫院之間的綠色空間-遠景和公共通道網絡加強了聯繫效果。 通過增加Fehrenbachallee的公共空間,為新地址打開了空間,從而創建了一個有吸引力的公共城市廣場。 新大樓的正門位於現有大樓的對面。

The second construction phase will create additional oval buildings providing workplaces for the City’s administration. The heart of the new six-story building, which replaces a town hall pavilion from the 1960s, is the citizens’ service centre with conference rooms, and staff restaurant on the first floor. The floors above include single and double offices, as well as large team offices with open-plan desk arrangements for the respective departments of the
City Administration. Thanks to a variable glazed partition wall system the plan layout of the offices is flexible and reversible. The routes through the town hall are designed in a transparent and open way, allowing easy orientation; there are several areas placed throughout the building that is designed to promote interaction and communication.

第二階段的建設將創建其他橢圓形建築物,為紐約市政府提供工作場所。 這座新的六層樓建築的核心,是取代了1960年代的市政廳展館,是一樓設有會議室的公民服務中心和一樓的員工餐廳。 上面的樓層包括單人辦公室和雙人辦公室,以及大型團隊辦公室,並為城市管理局的各個部門提供開放式辦公桌。 得益於可變的玻璃隔斷牆系統,辦公室的平面佈置靈活且可逆。 穿過市政廳的路線以透明和開放的方式設計,可以輕鬆定向; 整個建築中有幾個區域旨在促進互動和交流。

The visual appearance of the two buildings is impressive—the facades feature locally sourced larch wood elements. The facade of the town hall has been constructed using staggered, vertically projecting modules with photovoltaic cells and high-quality thermal insulation. Story-high glazed facade elements are used to optimize the intake of daylight. The facade of the circular day nursery building features narrow strips of vertical timber cladding and large openings with balcony doors, as well as an access balcony at second-floor level. The openings have been placed to provide daylight and vistas to the outside while also offering direct access to the building.

兩座建築的視覺效果令人印象深刻-外牆採用當地採購的落葉松木元素。 市政廳的外牆採用交錯排列的垂直投影模塊建造,帶有光伏電池和高品質的隔熱材料。 故事層高的玻璃立面元素用於優化日光的吸收。 圓形日間托兒所建築的外牆設有窄條垂直木壁板和帶有陽台門的大開口,以及位於二樓的通道陽台。 開口的位置可以為室外提供日光和景觀,同時還可以直接進入建築物。


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