Foster + Partners has revealed visuals of the Magdi Yacoub Global Heart Centre Cairo hospital in Egypt that will prioritise connecting patients with nature to boost their wellbeing.

Now under construction in Cairo, the 300-bed hospital will have a shell-like roofscape and nestle within a “lush, verdant landscape” that offers views of a lake and the Egyptian pyramids.

The scheme was designed by Foster + Partners using the principles of biophilic design, which seeks to satisfy people’s physical and emotional need for nature by integrating the natural world and natural materials.

The hospital will maximise natural light, greenery and outward views in an effort to help speed up patient recovery time.

Foster + Partners透露了埃及開羅Magdi Yacoub全球心臟中心開羅醫院的影像,該醫院將優先考慮將患者與自然聯繫起來以改善他們的健康狀況。


該計劃是由Foster + Partners使用親生物設計原理設計的,旨在通過融合自然世界和自然材料來滿足人們對自然的生理和情感需求。


“This is a special project that focuses on giving the best care to the patients and offering them the best natural setting to recover in,” explained Nigel Dancey, head of studio at Foster + Partners.

“It brings together the latest research on biophilia and the positive impact of nature in clinical settings with our pioneering work on collaborative working environments that allow healthcare professionals to give the best care.”

Once complete, Magdi Yacoub Global Heart Centre Cairo will provide free treatment for underprivileged people living in Egypt.

It is being built adjacent to Zewail City of Science and Technology university to create an “integrated health and medical research zone” and will also be open to visits by students for educational purposes.

Foster + Partners工作室負責人Nigel Dancey解釋說:“這是一個特別項目,致力於為患者提供最佳護理,並為他們提供最佳的自然康復環境。”


一旦完成,開羅Magdi Yacoub全球心臟中心將為居住在埃及的貧困人口提供免費治療。


“Aswan Heart Centre offers state-of-the-art, free-of-charge medical services to the Egyptian people, particularly the underprivileged,” added the studio’s founder, Norman Foster.

“Lush and verdant, this oasis of paths and parks promotes wellbeing. With its passive design strategy, it is an exemplar of sustainability, responding to the needs of patients and to its locale.”

Magdi Yacoub Global Heart Centre Cairo will be accessed from the south of its site via a pedestrianised plaza with a shaded walkway. The entrance will be marked by a canopy.

Its ground floor will be multifunctional – host to an accident and emergency department, a large outpatient clinic, diagnosis and treatment facilities and the rehabilitative spaces.

該工作室的創始人諾曼·福斯特(Norman Foster)補充說:“阿斯旺心臟中心為埃及人民,尤其是弱勢群體提供最先進的免費醫療服務。”


開羅Magdi Yacoub全球心臟中心將從其南部經由帶陰影走道的行人專用廣場進入。 入口處將蓋上樹冠。


Above, the first floor of the hospital will be dedicated to the intensive care units. These are each designed to help with recovery by offering complete privacy, natural daylight and views out to a lake.

Positioned next to these units will be the hospital’s surgical department, which the studio hopes will facilitate “collaboration between researchers and caregivers”.

The upper floors of the hospital will be divided up into the in-patient wards, each containing a mix of single and shared patient rooms.

These wards will be topped by the sculptural roof structures and rise up above a plant-filled terrace that will weave around the second floor.

This terrace will become host to the staff and visitor break-out spaces and be punctured by a series of courtyards that bring natural light into the depths of the buildings.

Magdi Yacoub Global Heart Centre Cairo will be complete with a staff canteen, a number of support spaces for families and educational rooms for visiting students. All the interiors will be unified by a “soft and warm” material palette that references the history of Egypt.






開羅Magdi Yacoub全球心臟中心將配備員工食堂,多個家庭支持空間和供來訪學生使用的教育室。所有內飾都將採用“柔軟而溫暖”的材料調色板進行統一,以反映埃及的歷史。

Foster + Partners was founded by Norman Foster in 1967. Today, it works from offices throughout the world but its headquarters remain in London, UK.

Its design for Magdi Yacoub Global Heart Centre Cairo is set to become the latest outpost of the Aswan Heart Centre foundation founded by Egyptian surgeon Sir Magdi Yacoub.

Elsewhere, Foster + Partners is developing an over-station skyscraper in central Sydney and has completed a flurry of international Apple stores including the “floating” Apple Marina Bay Sands, Apple Central World and Apple Sanlitun.

Visuals are courtesy of Foster + Partners.

Foster + Partners由Norman Foster於1967年創立。如今,它在全球各地的辦事處工作,但其總部仍位於英國倫敦。

它為開羅Magdi Yacoub全球心臟中心設計的設計將成為埃及外科醫生Magdi Yacoub爵士建立的Aswan心臟中心基金會的最新基地。

在其他地方,Foster + Partners正在悉尼市中心開發一座高架摩天大樓,並已完成了一系列國際蘋果專賣店的業務,其中包括“浮動式”蘋果濱海灣金沙,蘋果中央世界和蘋果三里屯。

視覺效果由Foster + Partners提供。



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