Architects: IF (Integrated Field)
Area: 6000 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Ketsiree Wongwan
Manufacturers: Resysta, BSG Glass, EDL, IRIS cerámica, K2J, Nrdc, SKK
Interior Architect:IF (Integrated Field)
Architects:S:CSB Co.,Ltd
Landscape Architect:S:CSB Co.,Ltd
Lighting Designer:Nopporn Sakulwigitsinthu
Environmental Graphic:IF (Integrated Field Co.,Ltd.)
Structural Engineer:S:CSB Co.,Ltd
Electrical Engineer:S:CSB Co.,Ltd
Sanitary Engineer:S:CSB Co.,Ltd
Main Contractor:Adisorn Construction Co.,Ltd
Interior Contractor:Open Interior Co.,Ltd, Pansin Co.,Ltd
Signage Contractor:D.R. Advertising Co.,Ltd
City:Samut Sakhon

攝影:黃ets(Ketsiree Wongwan)
建築師:S:CSB Co.,Ltd
景觀設計師:S:CSB Co.,Ltd
燈光設計師:Nopporn Sakulwigitsinthu
環境圖:IF(Integrated Field Co.,Ltd。)
結構工程師:S:CSB Co.,Ltd
電氣工程師:S:CSB Co.,Ltd
衛生工程師:S:CSB Co.,Ltd
室內承包商:Open Interior Co.,Ltd,Pansin Co.,Ltd
標牌承包商:D.R. 廣告有限公司

Design Philosophy: Playing is Healing. Key Concept: ‘Children Dimension’. A hospital is the kind of place most people would rather avoid as much as they can. We have witnessed more medical institutions’ attempt to create a more pleasant and friendlier environment, some with the architecture and interior decoration that are almost equivalent to a shopping mall or hi-end hotels. If such built environment can make the feeling of going to a hospital for us adults more tolerable somehow, what about the experience of the little ones?

設計理念:遊戲就是治愈。 關鍵概念:“兒童維度”。 大多數人都希望醫院盡量避免這種情況。 我們目睹了越來越多的醫療機構試圖創造一個更加愉悅和友善的環境,有些醫療機構的建築和室內裝飾幾乎等同於大型購物中心或高檔酒店。 如果這樣的建築環境能夠以某種方式使我們的成年人更容易忍受去醫院的感覺,那小孩子的經歷又如何呢?

For the kids, luxury isn’t something that can comfort them from the pain, fear for needles or even the bitterness of the medicine. We, therefore, look for the things that will bring them happiness throughout their experience at the hospital. With the children’s mindset, we discover that ‘fun’ is what every child instinctively looks for. Despite their different backgrounds, all kids want to live their lives looking for something fun to do.

對於孩子們來說,奢侈並不能使他們從痛苦,對針的恐懼甚至是藥物的苦澀中得到安慰。 因此,我們在醫院的經歷中尋找能夠帶給他們快樂的事物。 通過孩子們的思維方式,我們發現“樂趣”是每個孩子本能地尋找的東西。 儘管背景不同,但所有孩子都希望過著自己的生活,尋找有趣的事情。

Using this element of ‘fun’ as the key becomes a great challenge considering how we have to approach the design from the perspective of a child (which we, unfortunately, don’t have that much left) while constantly reminding ourselves that we would actually have to make a hospital a ‘fun’ place. Such thought process leads to the design of a hospital with a giant slider situated right at the front of the entrance hall (imagine being a kid dreading going into the hospital, the slider will definitely make you stop crying). The waiting area of each clinic is designed into a playground, which becomes somewhat a burden for the parents of having to convince the kids to leave the hospital). The program also includes an indoor swimming pool that has a bunch of artificial clouds floating atop.

考慮到我們必須如何從兒童的角度著手設計(不幸的是,我們所剩無幾),而不斷提醒自己我們實際上會 必須把醫院變成一個“有趣”的地方。 這樣的思考過程導致了醫院的設計,在入口大廳的正前方有一個巨大的滑塊(想像是一個小孩子害怕進入醫院,滑塊肯定會讓你停止哭泣)。 每個診所的候診區都被設計成一個操場,這對父母來說不得不說服孩子離開醫院有點負擔。 該計劃還包括一個室內游泳池,游泳池上漂浮著一堆人造雲。

The children dimension is created using various physical shapes, colors and symbols materialized from the design language that is made up of delicately curved lines and deliberately avoids the perfect geometric forms. The design renders the aesthetics, which reminisces the way one continues drawing of a curved line without focusing on whether it will be able to form a perfect circle or not, and it ends up bringing a sense of freedom to the young users’ experience of the space. These lines are formed into the arches constructed above the doorways and seating areas with the sizes calculated to correspond with children’s body proportion, creating a built environment that truly accommodates children’s behaviors and preferences.

兒童尺寸是使用從設計語言中實現的各種物理形狀,顏色和符號創建的,這些語言由細膩的曲線組成,並故意避免使用完美的幾何形式。 該設計體現了美學效果,它讓人想起繼續繪製曲線而不關注是否能夠形成一個完美的圓的方式,最終為年輕用戶帶來了自由的體驗。 空間。 這些線條形成在門廊和座位區上方的拱形結構中,其大小經計算可與兒童的身體比例相對應,從而營造出一個真正能夠適應兒童的行為和喜好的環境。


The pastel color tone encourages the children’s use of imagination (as a kid, we all create our own imaginary world when we are experiencing a space for the first time). We believe that children will be able to enjoy the spaces inside of the hospital according to their own personal imagination and individually develop an experience through their interactions with the curated spatial program. A scenario is designed and constructed near the pharmacy counter as a part of the layout of the ‘waiting area’, which embraces the ‘play space’. The program enables interactions between parents and children while allowing the adults to watch over their little ones during the wait.The use of indirect light with all the hallways of the hospital ensures that the young patients won’t be disturbed by the discomfort of excessive brightness.

柔和的色調鼓勵孩子們發揮想像力(小時候,當我們第一次體驗空間時,我們都會創造自己的想像世界)。 我們相信,孩子們將能夠根據自己的個人想像力來享受醫院內部的空間,並通過與策劃的空間計劃的互動來單獨發展經驗。 場景是在藥房櫃檯附近設計和建造的,作為“等候區”佈局的一部分,該“等候區”包含“遊戲空間”。 該程序可以在父母和孩子之間進行互動,同時允許成年人在等待期間照看孩子。醫院的所有走廊都使用間接照明,確保年輕患者不會被過度明亮的不適所打擾。

The hospital offers four room types, categorized not as a standard, special or suite room, but in the friendlier names of Whale, Turtle, Lion and Rabbit Constellation. Each room is decorated in a different color and installed above the bed is a glow-in-the-dark constellation with a customized lamp to provide both a standard lighting and the level of illumination that is suitable for a good night’s sleep. As we adults find ourselves amazed if not a bit jealous by the mesmerizing variety and development of children’s toys or even snacks these days, EKH Children Hospital will change everyone’s perception about what the space of a children’s hospital can be.

醫院提供四種房間類型,不是按標準,特殊或套房房間分類,而是以鯨魚,烏龜,獅子和兔子星座命名。 每個房間都以不同的顏色裝飾,並在床上方安裝了暗夜星座,帶有定制燈,既可以提供標準照明,又可以提供適合一夜安眠的照明水平。 如今,隨著成年人對兒童玩具甚至零食的令人著迷的多樣化和發展感到吃驚,甚至感到吃驚,EKH兒童醫院將改變每個人對兒童醫院的空間可能的認識。


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