Architects: Pequeña Escala Arquitectura, Taller Alterno, Ámbito taller
Area: 5300 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Mateo Soto
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Canteras de los Andes, Trimble
Lead Architects:Carolina Henao Salazar, Tomás Del Gallego Rico, Felipe Zapata Flórez, German Tamayo Osorio
Design Team:Carolina Henao Salazar, Tomás Del Gallego Rico, Felipe Zapata Flórez, German Tamayo Osorio
Clients:Empresa de Desarrollo Urbano EDU, Secretaría de Infraestructura Física Alcaldía de Medellín
Engineering:Yoan Andres Higuita Ruiz / William Sánchez.
Landscape:Nicolás Hermelín
Consultants:Consorcio Construcciones AP SAS, Vías y Viviendas SAS
Collaborators:Museo de la Memoria MCM, Empresa de Desarrollo Urbano, Secretaría Privada Alcaldía de Medellín

建築師:PequeñaEscala Arquitectura,Taller Alterno,Ámbito更高
攝影:Mateo Soto
製造商:AutoDesk,Canteras de los Andes,Trimble
首席建築師:Carolina Henao Salazar,TomásDel Gallego Rico,Felipe ZapataFlórez,德國Tamayo Osorio
設計團隊:卡羅琳娜·埃納奧·薩拉薩爾(Carolina Henao Salazar),托馬斯·德爾·加勒戈·里科(Tomas Del Gallego Rico),菲利佩·扎帕塔·弗洛雷斯(Felipe ZapataFlórez),德國塔瑪約·奧索里奧
工程學:Yoan Andres Higuita Ruiz / WilliamSánchez。
顧問:Consorcio Construcciones AP SAS,Víasy Viviendas SAS
合作者:Museo de la Memoria MCM,Empresa de Desarrollo Urbano,Secretaria PrivadaAlcaldíaMedellín

Herradura Uno is located in Naucalpan, Estado de Mexico, considered a conurbation of Mexico City. We were commissioned to design four houses of 400 square meters in an irregular shape 1,100 sq. m. site. The starting point was to generate the most permeable area possible throughout the site. So, the strategy was to minimize the plot area and solve the program in three levels including a basement. Two volumes, 22 by 12 meters extruded rectangles, were set along a composition axis that goes northwest-southeast, comprising two units each volume.

Herradura Uno位於墨西哥Estado的Naucalpan,被認為是墨西哥城的一個城市。 我們被委託設計四間不規則形狀的1,100平方米的400平方米房屋。 現場。 出發點是在整個站點中產生盡可能多的可滲透區域。 因此,策略是最小化地塊面積並在包括地下室的三個層次上解決程序。 沿著合成軸(從西南到東南方向)設置了兩個體積(22 x 12米的擠壓矩形),每個體積包含兩個單位。

It is actually the three voids between these two volumes that give the light and ventilation qualities to the project. The idea of a natural back yard, which is rather extinct in the Mexico City area, was the main challenge. The four-car parking requirement of the program was solved by placing the cars inside the plot area of the house, in a way that allowed us to minimize the vehicle pathway and increase the backyards area. Since the houses did not have a final owner, flexibility was key for the design. The houses have three different entrances: first access is directly from the garden, the second is a service entry with instant access to the basement, and the main entrance is in the middle of the building.

實際上,這兩個體積之間的三個空隙為項目提供了照明和通風質量。 主要的挑戰是在墨西哥城地區比較自然的後院概念。 該計劃的四車位停車要求是通過將汽車放置在房屋的地塊區域內來解決的,這種方式可以使我們最小化車道並增加後院面積。 由於房屋沒有最終所有者,因此靈活性是設計的關鍵。 房屋有三個不同的入口:第一個入口直接從花園進入,第二個入口是服務入口,可立即進入地下室,主入口位於建築物的中間。

The scheme was also intended to allow an elevator if needed. Two flexible spaces, one in the basement and the other in the mezzanine, with spatial relation to the social area, have the possibility of becoming an extra room, studio, tv room, or game room, both with full bathrooms. Sobriety and solidity are the principal language of the exteriors. The concrete is the main character of the facades, creating a dialog with the vegetation. Some local stone cladding and metal details, along with natural wood enhance the warmth of the design.

該方案還旨在在需要時允許電梯。 兩個靈活的空間,一個位於地下室,另一個位於夾層,與社交區域具有空間關係,因此有可能成為額外的房間,工作室,電視室或遊戲室,並且都配有完整的浴室。 清醒與堅固是外觀的主要語言。 混凝土是立面的主要特徵,與植被之間形成了對話。 一些當地的石材砌面和金屬細節以及天然木材增強了設計的溫暖感。


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