Architects: BDG Architects
Year: 2009
Photographs: BDG Architecten

建築師:BDG Architects
照片:BDG Architecten

BDG Architects realised a multifunctional building in Nunspeet (NL) on the place where in the past a paint-factory stood called Veluvine. The mixed-used building combines several functions, namely a school, sport facilities, a theatre, a cinema, a public library, an educational centre, a community house and a café. The comprehensive programme fits on the green spot on a convenient way, due to the chosen concept. The building is designed on the principles of a small village. All components are situated around the central space, which functions as a village square. This is the place where the different users and visitors of the building meet each other. The building brings together all ages and serves as a meeting place for the inhabitants of Nunspeet.

BDG Architects在Nunspeet(NL)的一處多功能建築中建造了一座名為Veluvine的油漆工廠。 這座混合使用的建築結合了多種功能,分別是學校,體育設施,劇院,電影院,公共圖書館,教育中心,社區房屋和咖啡館。 由於選擇了概念,因此該綜合程序可以方便地安裝在綠點上。 該建築是按照小村莊的原則設計的。 所有組件都位於中央空間周圍,中央空間起著鄉村廣場的作用。 在這裡,建築物的不同用戶和訪客會面。 該建築匯集了各個年齡段的人們,是Nunspeet居民的聚會場所。

Through the lobed structure of the building, the green slightly sloping surrounding and the building are interlocked. The parking is realised within the sloping terrain underneath the building and the schoolyard is positioned on the roof. This means that the surrounding terrain can be realised as a green landscape. The materials, like the brown masonry with relief, and details are chosen to suit the rural environment.

通過建築物的高低不平的結構,綠色的略微傾斜的周圍環境與建築物互鎖。 停車位在建築物下方的傾斜地形中實現,而校園位於屋頂上。 這意味著周圍的地形可以實現為綠色景觀。 這些材料(例如帶有浮雕的棕色磚石)和細節均根據農村環境進行選擇。

By the clear and systematically organisation of the building, all the different parts are brought together in a self-evident way.



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