Location: New York
Architect: Studio Gang Architects
Structural Engineer: Arup Group
Editorial Director: Jeka Zuniega

建築師:Studio Gang Architects
編輯總監:Jeka Zuniega

Located in the meatpacking district, adjacent to the High Line, in New York City, 40 Tenth Avenue, a 10-story office tower designed by Studio Gang is now ready to welcome its first tenants. With a distinctive structural system, the building twists in order not to cast his shadow on the surrounding, responding to the solar angles.

位於10號大街40號的紐約市高線區附近的肉類包裝區,由Studio Gang設計的10層辦公樓現在準備迎接第一批租戶。 建築物具有獨特的結構系統,因此可以旋轉,以免將陰影投射到周圍,以適應太陽角。

Studio Gang, the Chicago based practice headed up by Jeanne Gang, has been investigating, the impact of the sun on the buildings and the context. The “solar carving” idea is in fact a direct architectural response to the eminent and eternal star, showcasing how this constraint can actually generate an exciting design. The outcome is a sculpted façade that enhances both the interior space and the exterior envelope. Consequently, light and air are abundant in the high rise. On the design level, the corners of the structure are carved, creating private balconies, overlooking the High Line and the Hudson River. The building is narrower on the ground floor and grows wider on higher levels.

由珍妮·岡(Jeanne Gang)領導的芝加哥工作室Studio Studio一直在研究太陽對建築物和周圍環境的影響。 “太陽雕刻”的想法實際上是對傑出恆星的直接建築反應,展示了這種約束實際上是如何產生令人興奮的設計的。 其結果是經過雕刻的立面,既增強了內部空間又增強了外部圍護結構。 因此,高層建築中光線和空氣豐富。 在設計層面上,對結構的角進行雕刻,創建私人陽台,俯瞰高線和哈德遜河。 建築物的底樓較窄,而較高的樓層則較寬。

Developed by Aurora Capital Associates and William Gottlieb Real Estate, the building between west 13th and 14th streets, will host in its ground floor the US interactive marketing center of genesis, Hyundai’s luxury automotive brand, and on the totality of its 8th floor, the private investment firm Starwood capital group holdings. The project creates 20,000 square feet of outdoor spaces, including a shared roof deck and a second-floor public gathering space adjacent to the park. It also has around 40,000 square feet of retail space opening up onto 10th Avenue.

由Aurora Capital Associates和William Gottlieb Real Estate開發的位於西13街和14街之間的建築,將在其一樓舉辦美國創世紀互動營銷中心(現代汽車的豪華汽車品牌),並在其第8樓的總體上提供私人 投資公司喜達屋資本集團控股。 該項目創建了20,000平方英尺的室外空間,包括共享的屋頂平台和公園附近的二樓公共聚集空間。 它還擁有約40,000平方英尺的零售空間,通往第十大街。

“It’s extremely gratifying to see our vision for 40 tenth avenue come to fruition […] thanks to the hard work and dedication of many people, the building’s iconic design, amazing views, and abundant outdoor spaces will benefit the meatpacking district for many years to come.” — Bobby Cayre, CEO of Aurora Capital Associates.

“由於許多人的辛勤工作和奉獻精神,看到我們對第40條大道的構想得以實現感到非常高興[…],該建築的標誌性設計,令人驚嘆的景觀以及充足的室外空間將使肉類包裝區受益多年。 來。” -Aurora Capital Associates首席執行官Bobby Cayre。


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