Architects: Olson Kundig
Area: 7145 m²
Year: 2008
Photographs: Nic Lehoux
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Firestone Building Products, PentalQuartz, YKK AP, Ann Sachs, Glen Eden
Design Team:Jim Olson, Kevin Kudo-King, Ming-Lee Yuan, Michael Wright, Christine Burkland
Engineering:MCE Structural Consultants, Structural Engineer; Robertson D. Witmer, Civil Engineer
Landscape:Stephen Stimson Associates
Consultants:Brian Hood Lighting Design, Lighting Designer; Tuazon Engineering, Consultant

建築師:Olson Kundig
攝影:Nic Lehoux
製造商:AutoDesk,Firestone建築產品,PentalQuartz,YKK AP,Ann Sachs,Glen Eden
設計團隊:吉姆·奧爾森(Jim Olson),凱文·庫多·金(Kevin Kudo-King),袁明麗,邁克爾·賴特(Michael Wright),克里斯汀·伯克蘭(Christine Burkland)
工程:MCE結構顧問,結構工程師; Robertson D. Witmer,土木工程師
景觀:Stephen Stimson Associates
顧問:布萊恩·胡德照明設計,照明設計師; Tuazon Engineering,顧問

Inspired by classical monuments such as the Lincoln Memorial at the nearby capital, and the client’s longing for a vaulted roof form, Capital House is at once monumental and cozy, regal and understated. The contemporary lines of this modern residence are balanced by neutral tones and natural materials, including stone, concrete and bronze. The two-story house is clad in elegant slabs of limestone on the bottom level, rising to extensive glazing on the second story and a curved roof floating above. Choosing dark, rich colors for the exterior helps the home recede visually and blend with the neighborhood.

受附近首都首府林肯紀念堂等經典古蹟的啟發,以及客戶對拱形屋頂形式的渴望,首都之家立刻具有紀念性,舒適性,富麗堂皇和低調的特點。 這座現代住宅的現代風格受到中性色調和天然材料(包括石材,混凝土和青銅)的平衡。 這座兩層樓的房子的底部鋪著優雅的石灰石板,第二層則增添了大面積的玻璃,上面還漂浮著一個彎曲的屋頂。 選擇深色,豐富的顏色作為外觀,有助於房屋從視覺上退縮並與周圍環境融合。

The house emphasizes scale and proportion, and rooms in the house are arranged as “alcoves” off a grand hallway. The simple C-shaped plan surrounds a private and contemplative central courtyard, which includes a small bamboo garden and a covered lap pool. The entrance to the house is through a glass and steel vestibule demarcated by an oak door with bronze inlays. Upon entering, one immediately arrives in the main spine of the home, with doors and windows leading out to the courtyard on the left, and the kitchen and office extending to the right. The monumental hallway lined with concrete columns terminates in the formal dining and living rooms, which are complemented by a large stone fireplace and dramatic vaulted ceiling in the living area that appears to dissolve into the sky.

房屋強調比例和比例,房屋的房間按照“壁al”佈置在大走廊上。 簡單的C形平面圖環繞著一個私人的,沉思的中央庭院,其中包括一個小竹園和一個有蓋的小型游泳池。 房屋的入口通過玻璃和鋼製的前廳,由橡木門和青銅鑲嵌劃定。 進入後,立即進入家中的主脊,門窗通向左側的庭院,廚房和辦公室向右延伸。 巨大的走廊內襯混凝土柱,終止於正式的餐廳和起居室,客廳旁還有大型石壁爐和拱形天花板,看上去似乎已經化為烏雲。

Upstairs, crossing a bridge leads to the open master suite, with a series of additional bedrooms down the main hallway. The design incorporates several pieces from the owner’s collection of civil rights-inspired art. Artist Scott Fife created a contemporary sculptural portrait of the iconic Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall especially for this house.

樓上穿過橋樑通往開放式主人套房,主走廊下方設有一系列額外的臥室。 該設計融合了所有者的民權風格藝術品中的幾件作品。 藝術家斯科特·法夫(Scott Fife)專門為這座房子創作了標誌性的最高法院法官瑟古德·馬歇爾(Thurgood Marshall)的當代雕塑肖像。


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