Architects: Sanjay Puri Architects
Area: 80000 m²
Year: 2017
Photographs: Dinesh Mehta
Manufacturers: Nitco Limited, Geeta Aluminium
Client:Rohit Modi
Structural Consultant:Sarjan Consultants

建築師:Sanjay Puri Architects
照片:Dinesh Mehta
製造商:Nitco Limited,Geeta Aluminium
客戶:羅希特·莫迪(Rohit Modi)

Situated in Ranchi, a city in East India, Ishatvam 9 is a residential building on a small plot of 1800 sqm. Most of the plot frontage along the main road is occupied by an existing petrol pump leaving just a driveway for access with a square shaped space beyond which is buildable upon.

Ishatvam 9位於印度東部城市蘭契(Ranchi),是一棟住宅建築,佔地1800平方米。 沿主幹道的大部分地塊臨街都被現有的汽油泵所佔據,僅留下一條車道供人們進入,車道上有一個正方形的空間,可在該空間之上建造。

Most of this city has existed with low rise development over the last few decades. However, the last few years have witnessed rapid urbanization and in response to this the governing rules which earlier allowed buildings of only 15m height and a buildable area equivalent to the plot size have been changed to allow 50m height as well as a buildable area 3 times the plot size.

在過去的幾十年中,這座城市大部分地區都處於低層發展狀態。 但是,最近幾年見證了快速的城市化進程,為此,早先允許僅高度為15m的建築物和相當於地塊大小的可建造區域的管理規則已更改為允許高度為50m且可建造區域為3倍 地塊大小。

These changed rules necessitated building a 15 storeyed building. Most of the city’s inhabitants have been used to living in individual houses with private gardens and open spaces. As a result of this, the few high rise residential buildings that have been constructed in this city still remain partially unoccupied due to the lack of private open spaces in them.

這些更改後的規則要求建造15層高的建築。 這個城市的大多數居民已經習慣了在帶有私人花園和開放空間的獨立房屋中生活。 結果,由於缺乏私人開放空間,這座城市中建造的少數高層住宅樓仍然部分未被佔用。

As a response to this need, the apartments have been designed to occupy a complete floor opening out on all sides with each room extending into twenty feet high, double height decks. Each of the internal spaces thus extends and into private sheltered open spaces.

為了滿足這種需求,這些公寓被設計為佔據一個完整的地板,該地板從四面八方敞開,每個房間延伸到二十英尺高的雙高甲板。 因此,每個內部空間都延伸到私人的有遮蓋的開放空間中。

Temperatures in Ranchi vary from 31ºC average in the summer months and 12ºC in the winter months. The extended decks for each room shelter the internal spaces from the excessive heat in the summer while becoming landscaped outdoor extensions to the rooms.

蘭契的溫度在夏季的平均溫度為31ºC,在冬季的平均溫度為12ºC。 每個房間的延伸甲板保護了內部空間,避免夏季炎熱,同時又成為室外景觀美化的房間。

The apartments are designed with minimal internal circulation spaces with a large living dining area located centrally from which all the rooms are accessed. This layout is done in response to the social habits of the people in the city where 3 generations are generally living together in the same house. The living room becomes the focal place within the house allowing for increased interaction between the various family members. Most of the existing development around the plot being low rise, each apartment has views of the openness of the surroundings in each direction.

公寓的設計盡量減少內部流通空間,並在中心提供一個寬敞的起居用餐區,從該處可以進入所有房間。 這種佈局是根據城市中3代人通常一起居住在同一個房子裡的人們的社交習慣而進行的。 起居室成為房屋內的焦點所在,可以增加各個家庭成員之間的互動。 該地塊周圍大多數現有的開發都是低層建築,每間公寓都可以從各個方向欣賞周圍環境的開放性。

Ishatvam 9 is designed in response to the social needs of the residents of the city of its location providing each apartment with 20% open area as extensions to the internal spaces, maximizing on natural light and air with cross ventilation to every room in the house, creating an urban high rise tower that will allow its users the openness of the low rise structures that they have been used to living in.

Ishatvam 9是根據所在城市居民的社會需求而設計的,為每間公寓提供20%的開放空間作為內部空間的延伸,最大程度地利用自然採光和空氣,並為房屋中的每個房間提供交叉通風, 創造了一座城市高層建築,將使用戶能夠使用他們曾經居住過的低層建築。


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