Residents of London’s Leyton neighbourhood have crowdfunded the overhaul of an entire block on their local high street, recruiting designer Camille Walala to decorate it with a large-scale mural in her colourful, signature style.

Called Walala Parade, the piece stretches across the facade of eight different buildings, reportedly making it one of London’s largest public artworks.

The final design was voted on by the local community and paid for using £40,000 raised as part of an appeal by east London street art collective Wood Street Walls.

倫敦雷頓(Leyton)街區的居民通過眾籌方式對當地大街上的整座街區進行了大修,招募了設計師卡米爾·瓦拉拉(Camille Walala),以色彩鮮豔,標誌性的大型壁畫來裝飾它。

這件名為《 Walala Parade》的作品橫跨八座不同建築物的外牆,據報導使其成為倫敦最大的公共藝術品之一。


London mayor Sadiq Khan contributed an additional £25,000 towards the project as part of his Crowdfund London programme, which is helping to finance creative, community-led projects across the city in collaboration with civic crowdfunding platform Spacehive.

“We’re particularly excited to see Walala Parade come to life at a time when the high street has been hit hard by the pandemic,” said Spacehive founder Chris Gourlay.

“Ideas like this don’t just lift our spirits – they help places to build back better.”

倫敦市長薩迪克·汗(Sadiq Khan)為該項目額外捐款25,000英鎊,這是他的倫敦眾籌計劃的一部分,該計劃與公民眾籌平台Spacehive合作,為全市範圍內由社區主導的創意項目提供資金。

Spacehive創始人Chris Gourlay表示:“在流行病肆虐的大街上,看到Walala Parade復活,我們感到特別興奮。”


Leyton, which is based in the borough of Waltham Forest in the northeast of London, is home to a large and diverse immigrant population alongside young creatives, who come to the area for the affordable studio and workspaces that have been created in its abandoned warehouses.

Through the use of her vibrant, graphic visual language, Walala aims to give expression to this particular identity.

萊頓(Leyton)坐落在倫敦東北部的沃爾瑟姆森林(Waltham Forest)區內,這裡有大量新移民,還有年輕的創意人才,他們來到該地區,那裡有價格合理的工作室和在廢棄倉庫中創造的工作區。


“Waltham Forest is such an exciting and creative area of east London – now it’s going to look the part, too,” said the designer.

設計師說:“沃爾瑟姆森林(Waltham Forest)是倫敦東部如此激動人心且富有創造力的地區-現在它也將成為其中的一部分。”

“Art and colour have an amazing power to spread positivity, especially at the scale of the street. It’s wonderful to have an opportunity to have such a significant impact on the look and feel of an entire neighbourhood.”


Wood Street Walls commissioned and realised the design, sourcing paint from the surrounding area in a bid to support local businesses.

A portion of the paint was also supplied by the Forest Recycling Project, which saves unused pots from going to landfill by selling them to community organisations, charities and artists at a discounted price.

伍德街牆(Wood Street Walls)委託並實現了該設計,並從周邊地區採購油漆,以支持當地企業。


The project’s fundraiser was backed by a number of local businesses, including the animation studio Mighty Elk and Deeney’s cafe, in the hope of reinvigorating the previously neglected high street.

“We believe art and culture is a great way to engage the community and brighten up public space, instil a sense of civic pride and also attract more people to the area and increase footfall,” said Deeney’s co-founder Patrick Dwyer.

“As we emerge out of lockdown, this is more important than ever.”

該項目的籌款活動得到了許多本地企業的支持,包括動畫工作室Mighty Elk和Deeney’s cafe,以期振興以前被忽視的大街。

Deeney的聯合創始人帕特里克·德懷爾(Patrick Dwyer)表示:“我們認為藝術和文化是一種使社區參與並增添公共空間,增強公民自豪感並吸引更多人來該地區並增加人流量的好方法。”


Another recent project in the capital has seen Walala give a colourful makeover to two pedestrian crossings and a building facade in the district of White City.

The designer’s work forms part of a wider movement termed the New London Fabulous. The term, coined by Adam Nathaniel Furman in an interview with Dezeen, refers to a group of designers including himself and Walala, who are consciously using colour and pattern to spread joy.

Photography is by Tim Crocker unless otherwise stated.

在首都的另一個近期項目中,瓦拉拉(Walala)對懷特城(White City)地區的兩個人行橫道和建築立面進行了豐富多彩的改造。

設計師的作品構成了更廣泛的運動的一部分,該運動被稱為“ New London Fabulous”。 該術語由亞當·納撒尼爾·富爾曼(Adam Nathaniel Furman)在接受Dezeen採訪時提出,指的是一群設計師,包括他本人和Walala,他們有意識地使用顏色和圖案來傳播歡樂。

除非另有說明,否則攝影由蒂姆·克羅克(Tim Crocker)完成。



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