London-based Useful Studio has connected a tube station to a business park in Chiswick, west London, with a pedestrian bridge made from weathering steel.

Named Chiswick Park Footbridge, the pedestrian bridge forms part of a route between a London Underground station and the Chiswick Business Park.

“The bridge is designed to enable better connectivity and a safe enjoyable journey between the business park and the wider community along with access to the transport network and Chiswick Tube Station,” explained Catherine Ramsden founding director of Useful Studio.


這座名為Chiswick Park人行橋的人行天橋是倫敦地鐵站和Chiswick商業園之間路線的一部分。

“有用的工作室的創始人”凱瑟琳·拉姆斯登(Catherine Ramsden)解釋說:“這座橋的設計是為了實現更好的連通性,並在商業園區和更廣泛的社區之間實現安全愉快的旅程,並可以使用交通網絡和奇斯威克地鐵站。”

The bridge, which was designed with engineering company Expedition Engineering, was built from three weathering steel arches that increase in height from west to east as the spans grow. This means that the path curves around an existing building, creating the most efficient route.

Useful Studio chose the material due to its durable nature as the bridge’s location over train lines means that any maintenance needed would be costly. The studio aimed to create a “zero maintenance” bridge.

這座橋樑是由工程公司Expedition Engineering設計的,由三個風化的鋼拱形建築而成,隨著跨度的增加,其高度從西向東逐漸增加。 這意味著路徑會在現有建築物周圍彎曲,從而創建最有效的路徑。

有用的工作室之所以選擇這種材料,是因為它具有耐用性,因為橋樑在火車線上的位置意味著需要進行的任何維護都將是昂貴的。 該工作室旨在打造“零維護”橋樑。

“Bridges typically have a 120-year life which puts a huge performance demand on the materials and detailing,” said Ramsden.

“Network Rail enhances this demand by restricting access for ongoing maintenance and retrofit. Work over live rail lines require a formal possession – these are exceptionally costly and require a long lead time for scheduling. Therefore it is better to design out this need by using materials that are self-weathering with a long life.”


“ Network Rail通過限制對正在進行的維護和翻新的訪問來增強了這種需求。在帶電鐵路線上的工作需要正式擁有-這些特別昂貴,並且需要很長的調度時間。因此,最好使用材料來設計這種需求 長壽的自我風化。”

The weathering steel arches are connected by angled steel support ties to the bridge’s deck to create a network arch structure.

The use of inclined support ties, which are linked together, creates a stiffer more stable structure meaning that less material was needed and mass dampers to control the vibrations of the footbridge were not needed.



“A network arch structure is the combination of the arch, the deck and critically, the tied inclined hangers. The network is achieved with the angled cables which are linked at their intersection,” explained Ramsden.


“This system increases the stiffness and the stability of the structure,” she continued.

“This solution emerged to provide stability to the very thin arch – in the pursuit of minimal material use – and to control the dynamic behaviour of the footbridge.”



Although network arch structures have several benefits they are not often used for footbridges as they involve complex engineering Ramsden added.

“Network arch footbridges are sophisticated structures which require a very good understanding of the structural behaviour, detailed care in the architecture – in particular at the hangers intersection, and precision during construction – especially for the tuning of the hangers,” she said.

“It requires very close collaboration between the design disciplines and the contractor to ensure success.”




To construct the bridge Useful Studio created a “kit of parts” so that it could be largely fabricated off-site. Each of the arch sections was brought to site in five sections before being assembled and lifted into place.

This limited the amount of time spent working above the rail tracks.

為了建造橋樑,有用工作室創建了“零件套件”,以便可以在異地大量製造。 在組裝和提升到位之前,每個拱形部分都分為五個部分。


Chiswick Park Footbridge has been longlisted in Dezeen Awards 2020 in the infrastructure category. Cullinan Studio and McGurk Architects energy building that captures excess heat from the London Underground to help warm over 1,000 buildings was also longlisted in the same category.

奇斯威克公園人行橋已入圍2020年Dezeen獎的基礎設施類別。 同樣來自Cullinan Studio和McGurk Architects的能源建築,它吸收了倫敦地鐵的多餘熱量,幫助溫暖了1,000多個建築。



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