Established:March 14, 2018; 2 years ago
Location:Kuwait City, Kuwait
Type:Cultural Centre
Owner:Amiri Diwan

建立:2018年3月14日; 2年前
業主:Amiri Diwan

The Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre (Arabic: مركز الشيخ عبدالله السالم الثقافي‎) is a cultural complex located in Kuwait City, Kuwait owned by the Amiri Diwan. It consists of six main components; The Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Space Museum, Arabic Islamic Science Museum, Fine Arts Centre and the external spaces known as the Public Realm. The Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre is a 18-hectare site making it the world’s largest museum complex.

謝赫·阿卜杜拉·薩勒姆文化中心(阿拉伯語:مركزالشيخعبداللهالسالمالثقافي)是位於阿維里迪萬(Amiri Diwan)擁有的科威特科威特市的文化綜合體。它由六個主要部分組成;自然歷史博物館,科學博物館,太空博物館,阿拉伯伊斯蘭科學博物館,美術中心以及被稱為公共領域的外部空間。謝赫·阿卜杜拉·薩勒姆文化中心佔地18公頃,是世界上最大的博物館大樓

The museum is named after the late Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah who was the 11th ruler of Kuwait, the first Amir and the founder of modern Kuwait.

The Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre creates a new museum district within Kuwait. Together with the Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre, the cultural centre is part of the new Kuwait National Cultural District.

The museums present Kuwaiti, Islamic, and Arabic culture and history. They also embrace and showcase the rich diversity of the world’s finest cultural achievements.

該博物館以已故的謝赫·阿卜杜拉·薩勒姆·薩巴赫(Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah)的名字命名,他是科威特的第11位統治者,第一位埃米爾和現代科威特的創始人。



The project was administered by the Amiri Diwan who appointed Kuwaiti Architects SSH to design and engineer the building envelopes and components, which are connected through glazed wings and a canopy acting as the central spine of the cultural centre.

Alghanim International, a local main contractor, were appointed as the builders, tasked with constructing the museum envelopes and undertaking the extensive sitewide landscaping. London-based Cultural Innovations developed the visitor experience design.

Exhibits at the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre cover history, science, space and culture.

The project forms the major part of Kuwait’s new national cultural district.

該項目由阿米里·迪萬(Amiri Diwan)管理,他任命科威特建築師SSH來設計和設計建築物的圍護結構和組件,這些圍護結構和組件通過玻璃翼和作為文化中心的中樞的樹冠相連。

當地的主要承包商Alghanim International被任命為建築商,負責建造博物館的圍護結構並承擔整個場地的廣泛美化工作。 倫敦的Cultural Innovations開發了訪客體驗設計。




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