New York design practice Reunion Goods & Services has renovated this hotel in Rhode Island to be reminiscent of a colourful home with a fireplace and cosy seating nooks.

Formerly the Mainstay Hotel, The Wayfinder property is located in Newport and was refurbished by Reunion Goods & Services for developer Dovetail + Co. It includes 197 suites, a restaurant, lounge, patio and outdoor swimming pool.

紐約設計事務所Reunion Goods&Services重新裝修了這家位於羅德島的酒店,讓人聯想到帶壁爐和舒適座位角的多彩房屋。

Wayfinder物業以前是Mainstay Hotel,位於紐波特,由留尼汪島商品與服務部為開發商Dovetail + Co進行了翻新。它包括197間套房,餐廳,休息室,露台和室外游泳池。

Reunion Goods & Services designed the hotel to be evocative of a house rather than a hotel and sought to optimise the amount of natural light. White walls are enlivened with a variety of colours like burnt red, blue, green and mustard.

“The goal of this project was to freshen the spaces and bring as much light into the rooms as possible,” the team said. “The intent was always for the rooms to feel as if you were staying with friends or at a summer house.”

團圓商品與服務公司將酒店設計成讓人聯想起房屋而不是酒店,並試圖優化自然光的數量。 白色的牆壁充滿了各種顏色,例如紅色,藍色,綠色和芥末色。

研究小組說:“該項目的目標是要刷新空間,並儘可能多地將光線引入房間。” “目的始終是讓房間感覺就像您和朋友一起住或在避暑別墅中。”

The rest of the interior design is a combination of existing details, like stone and terrazzo floors with wood-panelled walls, alongside woven and wooden furniture pieces for a relaxed yet playful feel.

The lobby features its original white terrazzo flooring with a new dark blue ceiling for contrast, while a free-standing fireplace in mustard with a glass enclosure is the focal point. It is surrounded by a custom white sofa in a U-shape.


大廳以其原始的白色水磨石地板和新的深藍色天花板形成鮮明對比,而芥末和玻璃罩的獨立式壁爐是重點。 它被U形定制白色沙發包圍。

The hotel rooms have a paler palette reflective of the hotel’s beach location with off-white walls and chair railing in soft blue and green tones.


Continuing the relaxed, residential aesthetic is a lounge area with couches, pouffes, indoor plants, chairs, woven roller shades and woven cane dining chairs. Colourful fabrics enliven the space with its stone floors, while window trim is teal.

休息室,沙發,矮凳,室內植物,椅子,編織捲簾和編織藤製餐椅延續了輕鬆的住宅美感。 彩色裝飾的石材地板為空間增添活力,而窗飾則為藍綠色。

The sitting area joins the hotel restaurant Nomi Park, which has bolder colours like red-tiled walls, burnt orange leather banquettes, a bar clad in light blue tiles and dining benches upholstered in a cheetah print.

The wood dining chairs in dark blue are made locally by O & G Studio that is one of the emerging studios based in Rhode Island.

休息區與酒店餐廳Nomi Park相連,餐廳擁有更大膽的色彩,如紅色瓷磚牆面,燒焦的橙色皮革宴會,淡藍色瓷磚包覆的吧台和以獵豹圖案裝飾的餐桌。

深藍色的木質餐椅由O&G Studio在當地生產,O&G Studio是羅德島州新興的工作室之一。

Art by more local artists rounds out the interiors, including a piece in the restaurant by Mea Duke and a mural outside in the patio near the swimming pool by Sean Spellman. Others artists whose work is displayed are Catherine Druken, Jenn Shore, Jenny Brown and Liz Kelley.

更多本地藝術家的藝術作品使室內裝飾更加完美,其中包括Mea Duke餐廳的一件藝術品和Sean Spellman游泳池旁露台上的壁畫。 展出作品的其他藝術家包括凱瑟琳·德魯肯,珍妮·肖爾,珍妮·布朗和莉茲·凱利。

In addition to the Wayfinder hotel, other boutique accommodations in small towns and rural areas of the Northeastern United States are Tourists hotel in Massachusetts’ Berkshires region, Scribner’s Catskill Lodge, Sound View on Long Island and Troutbeck hotel by Champalimaud.

Photography is by Read McKendree.

除Wayfinder酒店外,在美國東北部小鎮和鄉村地區的其他精品住宿包括馬薩諸塞州伯克郡地區的Tourists酒店,Scribner的Catskill Lodge,長島Sound View和Champalimaud的Troutbeck酒店。

攝影由Read McKendree撰寫。



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