Craggy rock walls and a hot-spring style bathtub would feature in this imaginary Odessa hotel room that interior design studio Sivak & Partners has envisioned in a series of renderings.

The guest suite would come as part of a boutique beach hotel in the Ukrainian port city of Odessa that Sivak & Partners’ chief designer, Alexey Gulesha, was challenged to create just over a year ago.

He decided to share the studio’s renderings when the global coronavirus crisis began and put a pause on the design process.

“This project started from the idea to make something different from other hotels in Odessa – the client had bought a plot and asked us to design something which we wanted to see there, so this is our proposal,” Gulesha told Dezeen.


該套房將成為烏克蘭港口城市敖德薩一家精品海灘酒店的一部分,一年前,Sivak&Partners的首席設計師Alexey Gulesha受到挑戰。



Influenced by the dazzling settings seen in James Bond films from the 1980s, Gulesha has envisioned the guest suite as being fronted by a curved, full-height window that offers sweeping vistas of the sandy shoreline and rolling ocean waves.

In almost every room he has tried to foster a sense of “tactile contrast” – for example, in the bedroom, the hard stone floor is topped with a fluffy cream-coloured rug. A plump bed frame has also been placed beside a couple of Italian architect Cini Boeri’s glass Ghost chairs.

受1980年代詹姆斯·邦德(James Bond)電影中令人眼花settings亂的環境影響,古列沙(Gulesha)設想客艙的前方是弧形,全高的窗戶,可一覽無餘的沙質海岸線和起伏的海浪。

在幾乎每個房間中,他都試圖營造一種“觸覺對比”的感覺-例如,在臥室,硬石地板上舖有蓬鬆的奶油色地毯。 一對意大利建築師Cini Boeri的玻璃Ghost椅子旁邊還放置了一個矮胖的床架。

“I like to draw people’s attention to the fact that the materials to the touch may not be what they seem visually,” Gulesha explained.

“The Cini Boeri’s armchairs look like a cold piece of glass, but they are surprisingly convenient and comfortable when you sit in them.”


“ Cini Boeri的扶手椅看起來像是一塊冰冷的玻璃,但是當您坐在扶手椅上時,它們出奇的方便和舒適。”

A wall that resembles a craggy cliff face would feature in the study. Other than a simple steel desk and wooden chair, Gulesha has largely omitted standard office paraphernalia so that guests would be more inclined to spend relaxing time down on the beach instead of doing work.

“The idea of the materials is that in this digital era, when work means sitting on the PC and answering email for two to three hours, I want to see and feel something natural,” added Gulesha.

研究中將出現一堵類似崎cliff的懸崖面孔的牆。 除了簡單的鋼製辦公桌和木椅之外,Gulesha在很大程度上省略了標準的辦公用具,因此客人將更傾向於將閒暇時間花在沙灘上而不是乾活。

“資料的想法是,在這個數字時代,當工作意味著坐在PC上並回答兩到三個小時的電子郵件時,我希望看到並感覺到自然,” Gulesha補充說。

A focal point of the suite is the circular tub in the bathroom, which would slope up from the stone floors to make guests feel like they’re “bathing in a hot spring”.

Bathroom facilities would be housed inside a see-through volume that, using smart-glass technology, would turn opaque whenever in use.



The suite would also include a small kitchenette, should future guests not want to dine at the hotel’s restaurant. At its centre would be a timber prep counter that balances across a pair of chunky stone blocks.

A couple of rounded boucle sofas would then be used to dress the lounge area, along with a blush-pink abstract artwork that is meant to mirror the texture of the surrounding mottled plaster walls.

如果將來的客人不想在酒店的餐廳用餐,該套房還將設有一個小廚房。 在它的中心是準備木材的櫃檯,在一對矮矮的石塊之間保持平衡。


The pandemic has encouraged several architects and designers to turn to the medium of renderings and imagine getaway destinations.

Siblings Mary and David Javit imagined Sonora Art Village, a community of rainbow-coloured houses in Mexico where people could head to escape “grey reality”. Inspired by the vivid architecture of figures like Luis Barragán and Ricardo Boffil, the houses would be surrounded by cacti and swimming pools.

Child Studio also imagined Casa Plenaire, a blissful seaside villa where those in lockdown could picture enjoying the “perfect holiday”.


兄弟姐妹Mary和David Javit設想了Sonora藝術村,這個墨西哥彩虹色房屋的社區使人們可以逃脫“灰色現實”。 受到路易斯·巴拉甘(LuisBarragán)和里卡多·波菲(Ricardo Boffil)等人物的生動建築的啟發,這些房屋將被仙人掌和游泳池圍繞。

兒童工作室還想像著卡薩·普萊納爾(Casa Plenaire),這是一座幸福的海濱別墅,被禁者可以在此欣賞“完美假期”。



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