Architects: Angela Deuber Architects
Year: 2019
Photographs: Schaub Stierli Fotografie
Civil Engineer:trick Gartmann, Ferrari Gartmann AG
Assistance Ada:Hirona Tsuchiya, David Hagberg

建築師:Angela Deuber建築師
照片:Schaub Stierli攝影
土木工程師:Trick Gartmann,法拉利Gartmann AG
援助Ada:Hirona Tsuchiya,David Hagberg

The private house is built for one person in Thusis in the canton of Grisons. It is located on a plateau bounded by an upper and a lower embankment. Seen from below, the building is 24 meters long and single-floored in the garden; in contrast, a small roof appears in front of the opposite mountain backdrop from above. In the garden, walls connect the building with the topography, implying a larger space.

私人住宅是在格勞賓登州圖西斯為一個人建造的。 它位於由上,下路堤圍成的高原上。 從下面看,該建築物長24米,是單層花園。 相比之下,相對的山脈背景從上方出現了一個小的屋頂。 在花園中,牆壁將建築物與地形連接起來,意味著空間更大。

The structure consists of a column, two walls, and four corners made of light grey concrete, which together form a whole. The two walls run parallel to the trapezoidal plot and, together with the column, support the roof. The exposed concrete was created on-site, the surface of the ground sanded or hammered. The ceiling runs continuously from the inside to the outside, whereby an outstanding roof up to 3.40 meters protects the terrace.

該結構由圓柱,兩堵牆和由淺灰色混凝土製成的四個角組成,它們共同構成一個整體。 兩堵牆平行於梯形圖,並與圓柱一起支撐屋頂。 裸露的混凝土是在現場製作的,地面打磨或錘打。 天花板從內向外連續延伸,高達3.40米的出色屋頂保護了露台。

The interiors appear larger than they are built. Two walls form a central, triangular entrance space and order the ground floor into three rooms; they connect it to one space and at the same time divide the floor plan into three rooms: the living room, the kitchen, and the private area. These rooms are connected at their ends by floor to ceiling windows infinitely with the landscape.

內部看起來比建築要大。 兩堵牆形成一個中心的三角形入口空間,並將底層分成三個房間。 他們將其連接到一個空間,同時將平面圖分為三個房間:起居室,廚房和私人區域。 這些房間的末端通過地板到天花板的窗戶無限地與景觀相連。


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