New York practice Desai Chia Architecture has wrapped a house in Connecticut situated on top of a rocky ledge with charred cedar and large windows that overlook the hilly landscape.

Ledge House is located in Cornwall, Connecticut on a site that is occupied by a large boulder deposited on the hillside hundreds of thousands of years ago when the nearby Appalachian Mountains were forming.

紐約的Desai Chia建築事務所在康涅狄格州的一所房子裡包裹著一棟房屋,它坐落在岩石壁架上,燒焦的雪松和大窗戶可以俯瞰丘陵景觀。

Ledge House位於康涅狄格州的康沃爾郡,那裡是數十萬年前附近阿巴拉契亞山脈形成時堆積在山坡上的一塊巨石所佔據的位置。

The 2,400-square-foot (223-square-metre) house features a gabled roofline that takes cues from traditional barn architecture and the historic covered bridge in West Cornwall.

Its facade is clad with charred cedar, which is darkened using the Japanese technique shou sugi ban, and it is topped with aluminium roof.


它的外牆覆蓋著燒焦的雪松,並通過日本手製sugi ban使其變暗,並用鋁屋頂覆蓋。

“The Ledge House clients asked us to design a new home that would resonate with the history of the Connecticut Valley, include a material palette that is environmentally friendly, and work with the challenging site on a large rock ledge,” Desai Chia Architecture said.

“The boulder is a rugged companion to the house and acts as a muse for the uphill forest views,” it added.

Desai Chia建築事務所說:“壁架屋的客戶要求我們設計一個與康涅狄格州谷的歷史產生共鳴的新房屋,其中包括環保的材料調色板,並與具有挑戰性的場地一起在大型岩石壁架上工作。”


To construct the one-storey structure the studio removed an existing cabin on the property, leaving only its foundation that was then expanded to bring the house closer to the rugged ledge. Reusing the existing foundation saved the project money and also reduced construction waste.

To eliminate the need for cross bracing the studio has used balloon framing, a method that involves long studs spanning foundation to the roof that are fixed with nails instead of joinery. It takes its name balloon from being lightweight.

為了建造單層結構,工作室將物業上的現有小屋移走,僅保留其基礎,然後將其擴展以使房屋更靠近崎led的壁架。 重用現有基礎可以節省項目資金,並減少建築浪費。

為了消除交叉支撐的需要,工作室使用了氣球框架,這種方法涉及使用長釘將地基跨到屋頂,並用釘子而不是細木工固定。 它因輕巧而得名。

Large rectangular windows and glass doors span the length of the house on two sides providing views of the hilly landscape and boulder, while also allowing for cross-ventilating breezes to cool the house.


A wood deck attached to the back of the house overlooks the valley and is surrounded with grated metal fencing and railings. The space is furnished with chairs and a picnic table for enjoying the view from the outdoors.

房屋後部的木甲板可俯瞰山谷,並被磨碎的金屬柵欄和欄杆包圍。 該空間配有椅子和野餐桌,可從戶外欣賞風景。

On the opposite elevation, an additional terrace faces a wooded forest and has pale gravel stones.

Inside, Ledge House comprises an open-plan living and kitchen painted white with light hardwood floors that contrast the black exterior cladding. Tall vaulted ceilings make the space feel larger.


在內部,壁架房屋包括一個開放式起居室和一間漆成白色的廚房,淺色硬木地板與黑色外牆形成鮮明對比。 高高的拱形天花板使空間更寬敞。

Black track lighting wraps around the open-plan room and connects to the outdoor terraces that overlook the forest and valley.

The master bedroom is situated at one end of the house, and two smaller bedrooms are at the other end.



“The nucleus living area between [the bedrooms] allows the owners and their guests to merge and socialise together in a lofted, open area that connects across the ledge to a forest terrace and a valley terrace: indoor and outdoor living flow seamlessly through,” the studio said.

In the kitchen, a long island counter with black stools faces a wall of white cabinetry.

“ [臥室]之間的核心生活區使房主和他們的客人可以在一個高架的開放區域中融合和社交,該區域跨過壁架連接到森林露台和山谷露台:室內和室外生活無縫地通過,” 工作室說。


To separate the cooking and dining area from the sitting room, Desai Chia Architecture inserted a tunnel fireplace into a rectangular concrete volume. A black chimney pipe extends out from the long structure and up to the ceiling.

Desai Chia Architecture was established in 1996 by Arjun Desai and Katherine Chia. Other residences by the studio also use blackened wood, including a holiday home on Long Island and a dwelling on Lake Michigan with an angular roof.

為了將烹飪和就餐區與客廳區分開,Desai Chia建築事務所將隧道壁爐插入了矩形混凝土空間中。 黑色的煙囪管從較長的結構延伸到天花板。

Desai Chia建築事務所由Arjun Desai和Katherine Chia於1996年成立。 該工作室的其他住所也使用了發黑的木材,包括長島上的度假屋和密歇根湖上帶有斜屋頂的住宅。

Lead architects: Katherine Chia, Arjun Desai
Design team: Katherine Chia, Arjun Desai, Troy Lacombe, Brad Isnard
Structural engineering: David Kufferman
Civil engineering: A.H. Howland Associates
Landscape: AB Landscaping
Builder: Classic Renovations LLC
Fireplace: Get Real Surface
Kitchen joinery: Bulthaup

設計團隊:Katherine Chia,Arjun Desai,Troy Lacombe,Brad Isnard
結構工程:David Kufferman
土木工程:A.H. Howland Associates
製造商:Classic Renovations LLC



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