German architecture studio Von M has completed a carbon-neutral hotel that is built of wooden modules clad in white shingles.

The Stuttgart studio built the hotel in the centre of Ludwigsburg, Germany, near its baroque castle and a 1970s shopping centre as part of a plan to rejuvenate the area.

德國建築工作室馮·M(Von M)已經完成了一家碳中和酒店,該酒店是由覆蓋有白色木瓦的木質模塊建成的。


According to the studio, the city’s planning department required that the hotel “become a showcase project as the first CO2-neutral building in Ludwigsburg”.

Though the building’s base and staircase are made from concrete, Von M chose to work mainly with wooden modules to construct the hotel in order to create a more sustainable building. Its load-bearing elements are also made from wood.


儘管建築物的底部和樓梯均由混凝土製成,但馮·M還是選擇主要使用木製模塊來建造酒店,以打造更具可持續性的建築物。 其承重元件也由木材製成。

“The walls, floors and ceilings of the hotel rooms were assembled to container-like modules in the factory from cross-laminated timber, which had been computer-controlled cut,” the studio said.

The containers, which were made from local wood and produced in Austria, were furnished with the necessary additions such as windows, floor coverings and tiles in a production hall assembly line. They were then transported to Ludwigsburg and installed on the site over five days.


這些容器由當地木材製成,並在奧地利生產,並在生產車間的裝配線上配備了必要的配件,例如窗戶,地板覆蓋物和瓷磚。 然後將它們運送到路德維希堡,並在五天內安裝在現場。

Von M believes that the use of concrete, which is carbon-intensive, for the building was compensated for by the wood used, creating a carbon-neutral building.


“There is considerable potential regarding construction-site logistics in the city centre,” said the studio. “The negative impact from construction traffic, building site facilities and noise is reduced.”

“In total, 440 cubic metres of wood were used, thus permanently extracting a total of 880 tons of CO2 through storage and substitution effects.”

該工作室說:“市中心的建築工地物流潛力巨大。” “減少了建築交通,建築工地設施和噪音帶來的負面影響。”


Hotel Bauhofstrasse is the same height as its closest neighbour but has been given a distinctive white facade made from fibre cement shingles.

The aim was to create a contrast against the existing environment, but also design a building that would serve the location.



“The shingling with white fibre cement plates does not give the slightest hint that this is a wooden building. This cladding, together with the flush-mounted standing window formats and dormers, shrewdly translocate the local building traditions into our time, ” said the studio.

Inside the building, the concrete surfaces have been left exposed, and the cross-laminated timber boards unpainted.

工作室說:“白色纖維水泥板的帶狀裝飾絲毫沒有暗示這是一棟木製建築。這種立面加上齊平安裝的立式窗戶和天窗,巧妙地將當地的建築傳統轉變為我們的時代。” 。


The hotel’s 55 guest rooms are decorated in neutral colours, with beige and sheer white curtains and grey carpet.

Lowered window parapets have been covered with tactile fabrics to function as both seats and viewpoints to watch the city from.



Carbon-neutral buildings are becoming more common. Dutch architects Powerhouse Company recently revealed its design for a carbon-neutral floating off-grid office in Rotterdam and Practice Architecture has created a zero-carbon home made from pre-fabricated hempcrete panels.

The Hotel Bauhofstrasse has been longlisted in the hospitality building category of Dezeen Awards 2020.

Photography is by Brigida González.

碳中和建築越來越普遍。 荷蘭建築師Powerhouse Company最近透露了其在鹿特丹建立的碳中性浮動離網辦公室的設計,Practice Architecture創建了由預製的大麻板製成的零碳房屋。



Architect: Von M
Site management: Jo Carle Architekten
Structure engineering: Merz Kley Partner
Building physics: Kurz + Fischer
Building technology: Ingenieurbüro Staudacher
Fire protection: Halfkann + Kirchner

建築師:Von M
站點管理:Jo Carle Architekten
結構工程:Merz Kley合作夥伴
建築物理:Kurz + Fischer
防火:Halfkann + Kirchner



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