Architects: AQSO arquitectos office
Location: Old Street / Great Eastern Street, East London, UK
Gross Floor Area: 4700
Client: Private

建築師:AQSO arquitectos辦公室

AQSO arquitectos’ ‘shoreditch hotel‘ is located on the iconic landmark intersection of old street and great eastern street in east london. the ancient roman street widens on the western side after crossing what is being called the silicon roundabout, the intersection of city road, and opens the doors of shoreditch at haggerston. this junction is not only significant from the morphology of the urban fabric but also for becoming a regeneration catalyst in this old industrial area influenced by the city of london that has experienced an important creative and artistic boom.

AQSO arquitectos的“岸溝酒店”位於倫敦東區老街與東方大街的標誌性地標交叉口。 穿過所謂的矽環形交叉路口(城市道路的交叉路口)後,古羅馬街道在西側加寬,並打開了哈格斯頓的肖爾迪奇之門。 這個交匯處不僅對城市結構的形態具有重要意義,而且對於在這個經歷了重要的創意和藝術繁榮的倫敦市影響的老工業區成為再生催化劑也很重要。

Spanish based firm AQSO arquitectos‘ proposal for this mixed-used building including hotel, cinema, and retail explores a formal response to the site conditions with an alternative contemporary language. Against the monolithic presence of a totem that divides the paths in two, the building becomes a flexible element that blends with the perspective of the resulting streets while respects the pedestrian flow of the public area.

西班牙公司AQSO arquitectos針對這座包括酒店,電影院和零售業在內的綜合用途建築的提案,以一種當代語言探索了對場地條件的正式回應。 面對將路徑一分為二的圖騰的整體存在,該建築成為一種靈活的元素,與所形成的街道的視角融為一體,同時尊重公共區域的行人流量。

The shoreditch hotel becomes a prow that enhances the angle of the junction responding to the urban views, but steps back at ground level to considerate and emphasize the cycling and pedestrian flow that crosses perpendicularly. The overlay of these two urban circulations shapes and defines the building form creating an iconic element, distinctive but not monumental, that is subtle seen from the adjacent streets.

Shoreditch酒店變成了一個尖頭,可以擴大路口與城市景觀相對應的角度,但在地面上後退一步以考慮並強調垂直交叉的自行車和人流。 這兩個城市環流的疊加形成並定義了建築形式,創造了一個標誌性元素,與眾不同但不具有紀念意義,從相鄰街道可以看到。

The twisted facades of AQSO’s shoreditch hotel contrast with a regular arrangement of openings, creating a language that translates into the interior. An internal courtyard creates a discreet and enigmatic breach that becomes a secondary access point, bringing light into the enclosure and widening at the bottom to host the drop-off area.

AQSO的Shoreditch酒店扭曲的外牆與常規的開孔佈置形成對比,創造出一種可以轉化為室內裝飾的語言。 內部庭院創造了一個謹慎而神秘的缺口,成為第二入口,將光線引入圍牆並在底部加寬以容納落客區。

The hotel rooms are located around an internal atrium that concentrates the vertical circulation of the building. Meanwhile, the cinema and retail occupy the rear of the courtyard, next to the party wall. the structural system responds to the geometry of the twisted facade, made of ruled surfaces along arches and straight lines. The parametric design of the shell is compensated with a rational layout, allowing a consistent distribution of rooms and openings.

酒店房間位於內部中庭周圍,集中了建築物的垂直流通。 同時,電影院和零售店佔據了院子後方靠近宴會廳牆的地方。 結構系統響應扭曲的立面的幾何形狀,該幾何形狀由沿著拱形和直線的直紋表面構成。 外殼的參數化設計通過合理的佈局得到補償,從而可以使房間和開口保持一致的分佈。


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