Architect: WAFAI
Location: New Zealand​​​
Year: 2019


Concrete Slab is an experimental house designed for New Zealand natural rocky landscape. The theme is about the future and well connected with nature living, a house that would truly embrace the site nature that is defined by fresh air, natural light, rocks, and blue sea.

混凝土板是為紐西蘭自然岩石景觀設計的實驗房屋。 主題是關於未來,並與自然生活緊密相連,這是一棟真正擁抱自然場地的房屋,自然空氣由新鮮的空氣,自然光,岩石和蔚藍的大海所定義。

Designed based on the principle of a traditional courtyard house, however, in this version of a courtyard house, the atrium is floating and all the spaces that are arranged around can enjoy the panoramic view not just for the sky but also the sea.


The living spaces wrap around the floating atrium and consist of continuous living space and kitchen, 2 bedrooms with bathroom in the main volume, and a big separated master bedroom with its facilities suspended and extended under the main volume. Meanwhile, the swimming pool welcomes the visitors near the entrance, that is shaded partially with a super long terrace cantilever that imposes the hour’s visual lightness.

居住空間環繞著漂浮的中庭,包括連續的居住空間和廚房,主臥中帶浴室的2間臥室,以及一間單獨的大主臥,其設施在主臥中懸掛和擴展。 同時,游泳池在入口附近歡迎遊客,在入口處部分遮蓋了超長懸臂,使小時的視覺更加明亮。

The structural system made with steel cantilevers that work as one peace for the main volume and another cantilever for the suspended master bedroom. The material used on all surfaces inside and outside of the building is a 3mm thin Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, made from recycled construction debris.

Its thinness makes this material very lightweight.

用鋼懸臂製成的結構系統可作為主要空間的一個支撐,而作為懸吊主臥室的另一個懸臂。 建築物內部和外部所有表面上使用的材料是3毫米薄的玻璃纖維增強混凝土,由可回收的建築垃圾製成。



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