Architects: Rojkind Arquitectos
Area: 338 m²
Photographs: Jaime Navarro
Lead Architects:Michel Rojkind, Gerardo Salinas
Team:Alfredo Hernández, Gad Peralta, Herminio González, Victoria Grossi, Bárbara Trujillo, Adrián Aguilar, Scarlet Baron de Grote, Adrián Krezlik, Beatriz Zavala, Daniel Gaytán, Andrea León, Rosalba Rojas, Lorena García Cordero Sasía
Structural Engineering:Juan Felipe Heredia Mellado
Mep:GESA Arquitectura
Landscape Consultant:Entorno Taller de Paisaje
Lighting Consultant:Ditto Iluminación

建築師:Rojkind Arquitectos
攝影:Jaime Navarro
首席建築師:Michel Rojkind,Gerardo Salinas
車隊:阿爾弗雷多·埃爾南德斯(AlfredoHernández),加德·佩拉爾塔(Gad Peralta),埃爾米尼奧·岡薩雷斯(HerminioGonzález),維多利亞·格羅西(Victoria Grossi),巴巴拉·特魯希略(BárbaraTrujillo),阿德里安·阿吉拉爾(Scarlet Baron de Grote),阿德里安·克雷茲利克(AdriánKrezlik),比阿特麗斯·扎瓦拉(Beatriz Zavala),丹尼爾·蓋坦(DanielGaytán),安德里亞·萊昂(AndreaLeón),羅莎巴·羅哈斯(LorenaGarcíaCordero Sas)
結構工程:Juan Felipe Heredia Mellado
Mep:GESA Arquitectura
景觀顧問:Entorno Taller de Paisaje

Amanali House is located 40 minutes north of Mexico City in a residential development near the town of Tepeji del Rio (from the nahuatl language “boulders” on the river). The town is located on the path of the historic Camino Real a Querétaro and functioned as a rest stop for travelers between the country’s capital and northern cities during colonial times. Since, the town of Tepeji del Rio has developed as a quiet town and weekend retreat for the people of Mexico City and Querétaro that enjoy the areas year-round mild weather and access to water sports at the Requena reservoir.

Amanali房屋位於墨西哥城以北40分鐘路程處,靠近Tepeji del Rio鎮(來自納瓦特爾語“巨石”在河上)附近的住宅開發區。 該鎮位於歷史悠久的卡米諾雷亞爾克羅塔羅(Camino Real)的小路上,是殖民時期該國首都與北部城市之間的旅行者的休息站。 此後,Tepeji del Rio小鎮已發展成為一個安靜的小鎮,為墨西哥城和克雷塔羅州的人們提供了一個週末度假之所,墨西哥人和克雷塔羅州一年四季氣候宜人,並在雷克納水庫進行水上運動。

The house was conceived as weekend retreat for outdoor living with no clear boundaries between inside and outside. Rather than stepping out of the home to the garden, the garden becomes part of the house and vice versa.

這座房子被認為是周末戶外活動的休憩場所,內部和外部之間沒有明確的界限。 花園不是從家中走出花園,而是成為房屋的一部分,反之亦然。

All circulations are kept outdoors. The site is a semi-rectangular plot that slopes down towards the developments golf course and offers views of the reservoir and the distant mountains.

所有流通都保存在戶外。 該場地是一個半矩形區域,向開發高爾夫球場傾斜並提供水庫和遠處山脈的景色。

Five prismatic volumes or “boulders” are covered in a local porous dark stone. The volumes respectively house the living area, kitchen-dining area and bedrooms and are connected by a meandering outdoor path. The house is gradually discovered as one descends from street level though the intimate alley that gives the complex a medieval hill-town feel.

五個棱柱體或“巨石”被局部多孔的深色石頭覆蓋。 這些空間分別容納起居區,廚房用餐區和臥室,並通過蜿蜒的室外路徑相連。 房屋從一條街道走下時逐漸被發現,穿過一條私密的小巷,使建築群具有中世紀的丘陵鎮感覺。

Each volume is connected though large glazed openings with retractable frames to its own private outdoor terrace or patio surrounded by drought tolerant landscape. The journey down the house ends by opening again to the distant views at the bottom of the site housing a pool and garden.

每個體積都通過帶有伸縮框架的大玻璃開口連接到其自己的私人室外露台或露台,該露台被耐旱景觀所包圍。 沿著房子的旅程以在游泳池底部和花園的底部再次向遠處的視野開放而告終。

The dark stone walls function as thermal collectors trapping heat from the sun during the day and releasing it at night. Temperature in the house is regulated by natural cross ventilation. All materials are locally sourced and the landscape indigenous to the area.

深色的石牆用作集熱器,白天吸收太陽的熱量,晚上釋放熱量。 房屋中的溫度通過自然交叉通風進行調節。 所有材料都是本地採購的,景觀是該地區的本土景觀。


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