Architects: KRIS YAO | ARTECH
Area: 21750 m²
Year: 2010
Photographs: David Chen, Fei-Chung Ying

建築師:KRIS YAO | 科技

In this romantic and surreal water village in China, the owner of the development decided that Wuzhen would be an important name in the global atlas of theater where an international theater festival would be located. In order to complete his vision, Kris Yao and his team was asked to design the Wuzhen Theater.

在中國這個浪漫而超現實的水鄉中,開發者決定,烏鎮將成為國際戲劇節所在地的全球劇院地圖集的重要名稱。 為了實現他的願景,姚明和他的團隊被要求設計烏鎮劇院。

The greatest challenge was to design a large building containing two theaters with 1200 and 600 seats back to back, with modern theater functions in this small, traditional water village in southern China. Using the culturally auspicious “twin lotus” as its metaphor, which functions perfectly with two theatres sharing one stage area, the design is composed of two oval shapes interlocking one another, one of them transparent and the opaque in form.

最大的挑戰是設計一座大型建築物,其中包括兩個劇院,兩個劇院分別背靠背坐著1200個座位和600個座位,並在中國南方這個傳統的小水鄉中具有現代化的劇院功能。 該設計以具有文化底蘊的吉祥“雙蓮”作為隱喻,在兩個共享一個舞台區域的劇院中完美地發揮了作用,該設計由兩個互鎖的橢圓形組成,其中一個透明且不透明。

Due to its dual purposes of the theater festival and tourism, the functions of the theaters are multifold. Possibilities include formal stage performances, avant-garde creations, fashion shows, conventions and wedding ceremonies.

由於劇院節和旅遊業的雙重目的,劇院的功能是多種多樣的。 可能性包括正式的舞台表演,前衛的創作,時裝表演,會議和婚禮。

Visitors arrive at the theaters by wooden boats or on foot from an island across the bridge. The smaller theater to the right is located within the “solid’ volume, where pedal-like segments of thick reclining walls, clad in ancient super-sized brick, wrap around the foyer. The grand theater to the left, enclosed in the zigzag fan-shaped glass front with a Chinese window motif, glows in the evenings and reflects on the water, adding charm to the already misty and surreal atmosphere of this otherworldly water village.

參觀者乘木船或從過橋的小島步行到達劇院。 右側較小的劇院位於“實體”空間內,踏板狀的厚斜牆片段覆蓋著古老的超大型磚,環繞著門廳。 左邊的大劇院環繞在鋸齒形扇形玻璃正面,並帶有中國式窗飾,在傍晚時分閃耀並反射在水面上,為這個超凡脫俗的水鄉早已朦朧和超現實的氛圍增添了魅力。


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