Year: 2019
Work started in: 2017
Work finished in: 2019
Main structure: Mixed structure
Client: Sergey Makhno Architects
Status: Completed works
Type: Landscape/territorial planning / Single-family residence / Country houses/cottages / Interior Design / Custom Furniture / Photography / Building Recovery and Renewal

客戶:Sergey Makhno建築師

Sergey Makhno Architects recently completed their brand new project – the Shkrub House, built in contemporary Ukrainian style under the influence of Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi that finds beauty and harmony in imperfections. Being almost completely enclosed by a minimalist concrete fence, its character can be seen with half an eye — a proud thatched roof hangs over the wooden rails on the walls. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

謝爾蓋·馬赫諾(Sergey Makhno)建築師最近完成了他們的全新項目– Shkrub House,該建築是在日本wabi-sabi哲學的影響下以當代烏克蘭風格建造的。 幾乎完全被極簡主義的混凝土圍牆所包圍,用半隻眼就可以看到它的特徵-驕傲的茅草屋頂懸掛在牆上的木欄杆上。 看一下跳躍後的完整故事。

Shkrub House is the renovated villa by Ukrainian architect Sergey Makhno for his family in Kozyn, a village on the outskirts of Kiev. Of the original project only the load-bearing walls remain, the interiors are completely emptied and reconfigured, while the outer shell is redefined by a new and significant wooden dress and a proud – as the designer defines it – thatched roof.

Shkrub House是烏克蘭建築師謝爾蓋·馬赫諾(Sergey Makhno)為其家人在基輔市郊一個村莊科津(Kozyn)裝修的別墅。 在最初的項目中,僅保留了承重牆,內部被完全清空並重新配置,而外殼則由新的重要木質連衣裙和由設計師定義的驕傲的茅草屋頂重新定義。

The house is built using traditional Ukrainian techniques and materials and is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, which finds beauty and harmony in imperfections.

“Thanks to Japan, I learned to love Ukraine. When I went to Japan for the first time and saw how they appreciate their heritage, I understood that Ukrainian culture is extremely rich but we rarely rate it highly. I create Ukrainian design transmitted through the lens of Japanese perception of beautiful” says architect Sergey Makhno.


“感謝日本,我學會了愛烏克蘭。 當我第一次去日本,看到他們如何欣賞他們的遺產時,我了解到烏克蘭的文化非常豐富,但是我們很少對其給予很高的評價。 我創造了通過日本人對美麗的感知傳達的烏克蘭設計。”建築師謝爾蓋·馬赫諾(Sergey Makhno)說。

The ground floor houses the living area and guest rooms. The walls are decorated with a traditional Ukrainian technique, while the ceiling is covered with wooden planks recovered from old abandoned houses.

The spacious double-height living room, dominated by a traditional fireplace and a wall of clay sculptures from Trypillia from the 5th-2nd millennium BC, opens with a generous window onto the Japanese style garden where maples and cherry trees meet traditional Ukrainian zoomorphic ceramics and contemporary art in an open-air gallery.

一樓設有起居區和客房。 牆壁採用傳統的烏克蘭技術裝飾,而天花板則覆蓋著從廢棄的舊房屋中回收的木板。

寬敞的雙高客廳,以傳統壁爐和公元前5至2千年的Trypillia的泥塑壁牆為主導,可通向日本風格花園的寬大窗戶,楓樹和櫻桃樹與傳統的烏克蘭人形陶瓷和 露天畫廊裡的當代藝術。

Upstairs the children’s rooms and the master bedroom are worlds to be discovered, where the dynamic encounter of different materials defines a tactile quality of space: 500-year-old oak floors, wallpapers designed by Sergey Makhno and painted by the famous Ukrainian artist and ceramist Serhii and material coverings that simulate distant landscapes.

“When in five thousand years, archaeologists from other planets will dismantle my house, they will say that it was built according to ancient Ukrainian traditions. That there was a lot of nature, and a lot of life”, says Sergey Makhno.

樓上的兒童房和主臥室是不容錯過的世界,各種材料的動態碰撞定義了空間的觸覺質感:具有500年曆史的橡木地板,謝爾蓋·馬赫諾(Sergey Makhno)設計的牆紙以及烏克蘭著名畫家和陶藝家的繪畫 Serhii和模擬遙遠景觀的材料覆蓋物。

“五千年來,來自其他星球的考古學家將拆除我的房屋,他們會說這是根據古老的烏克蘭傳統建造的。 謝爾蓋·馬赫諾(Sergey Makhno)說,這裡有很多自然,也有很多生活。


FROM:Shkrub House by Sergey Makhno Architects

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