British architect Norman Foster has revealed plans for a demountable glass and steel building to house the UK government while the Houses of Parliament is renovated.

Created in partnership with property developer John Ritblat, the temporary building would contain an exact replica of the House of Commons along with offices for 650 members of parliament wrapped in a bomb-proof glass and steel shell.

It would be built around 400 metres from the Palace of Westminster on Horse Guards Parade and would be used while the 19th-century building is restored.

The structure was designed by Foster, founder of multiple Stirling Prize-winning studio Foster + Partners, at the request of the body in charge of restoring the Palace of Westminster as an alternative to Allford Hall Monaghan Morris’ plans for a temporary structure within Richmond House.

英國建築師諾曼·福斯特(Norman Foster)透露了一座可拆卸的玻璃和鋼結構建築計劃,以在翻修國會大廈時為英國政府提供住房。

與房地產開發商約翰·里特布拉特(John Ritblat)合作創建的臨時建築將包含下議院的精確複製品,以及由防彈玻璃和鋼殼包裹的650名議會議員的辦公室。


該結構是由多個獲得斯特林獎的工作室Foster + Partners的創始人Foster設計的,應負責修復威斯敏斯特宮的機構的要求,作為Allford Hall Monaghan Morris在里士滿樓內臨時結構的計劃的替代方案 。

“It saves a huge amount of money and time and is reusable”|“它節省了大量金錢和時間,並且可以重複使用”

According to British newspaper the Times, Foster and Ritblat were asked to submit their design as part of a review into the overall costs of the restoration of the Palace of Westminster, including its temporary relocation.

The structure, which would cost £300 million and could be reused when the restoration is completed, was designed as a lower-cost alternative to the Allford Hall Monaghan Morris redevelopment of Richmond House.

“It saves a huge amount of money and time and is reusable,” Foster told the Times.

“It showcases what we can produce as a nation,” they continued. “Everyone regards the relocation of parliament as a huge problem, but it also presents an incredible opportunity and I can’t see any downsides to our proposal. Horse Guards is next to 10 and 11 Downing Street and is far more secure than Richmond House [in Whitehall].”


該結構耗資3億英鎊,修復完成後可以重新使用,它是里奇蒙德大廈Allford Hall Monaghan Morris重建的低成本替代方案。


他們繼續說:“它展示了我們作為一個國家可以生產的產品。” “每個人都認為議會的搬遷是一個巨大的問題,但它也提供了令人難以置信的機會,我認為我們的提議沒有任何不利之處。騎馬衛兵毗鄰唐寧街10號和11號,比列治文大廈安全得多”[ 在白廳]。”

British architect Norman Foster has designed an alternative home for the UK parliament|英國建築師諾曼·福斯特(Norman Foster)為英國議會設計了另一座房屋

However, some architects criticised the sustainable nature of building a temporary structure rather than renovating Richmond House.

“The first rule of sustainability is to re-use and adapt an existing building; even more so if it’s a short-term use,” wrote Rab Bennetts, co-founder of architecture studio Bennetts Associates, on Twitter.

“Adapting Richmond House in Whitehall is the obvious responsible solution.”


“可持續發展的首要原則是重複使用和改建現有建築物;如果是短期使用,則更是如此,”建築工作室Bennetts Associates聯合創始人Rab Bennetts在推特上寫道。


Both proposals were created following the UK government’s decision in 2018 to relocate from the Palace of Westminster to allow the 1,100-room building to undergo a £4 billion restoration led by UK studio BDP.

Designed by Charles Barry and Augustus Pugin, the historic building was largely built between 1840 and 1870, with the oldest part, the Westminster Hall, dating back to 1099.

The restoration is planned to be carried out over six years starting in 2025, however, Foster believes his structure could be built in 28 months allowing members of parliament to relocate earlier.

“We think that, rather than a costly embarrassment, there is the potential here to create a uniquely great British solution that will enable the MPs to decant from the Palace of Westminster more than 36 months earlier,” said Foster and Ritblat alongside their submission.


由查爾斯·巴里(Charles Barry)和奧古斯都·普金(Augustus Pugin)設計的這座歷史建築大部分建於1840年至1870年之間,最古老的部分是威斯敏斯特音樂廳,其歷史可追溯至1099年。



“This is a great opportunity to celebrate British ingenuity”|“這是慶祝英國獨創性的絕佳機會”

The architect likened his building to Joseph Paxton’s glass and iron Crystal Palace, a structure that he told Dezeen in an interview was the “birth of modern architecture”.

“The sustainable solution we propose will not leave any permanent scars on the historic fabric of London and could be reused and relocated anywhere,” continued Foster and Ritblat in their submission.

“Much like the Great Exhibition did in 1851, we think that this is a great opportunity to celebrate British ingenuity with a solution that captures people’s imagination.”

建築師將他的建築比作約瑟夫·帕克斯頓(Joseph Paxton)的玻璃和鐵製水晶宮,他在採訪中告訴戴森(Dezeen)的建築是“現代建築的誕生”。



Foster first proposed creating a “pop-up” parliament building on Horse Guards Parade in 2017, which would have contained replicas of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords and no offices. The updated proposal does not include space for the House of Lords.

In January UK prime mister Boris Johnston asked officials to investigate the moving parliament’s upper chamber outside of London.

In response, Foster called for a design competition for the northern House of Lords.

Since the UK government made the decision to temporarily relocate parliament several architects have proposed options, with US studio Gensler proposing a floating bubble-like structure that would be built alongside the Palace of Westminster on the River Thames.

福斯特首先提議在2017年在騎馬衛隊閱兵場上建造一個“彈出式”議會大樓,其中將包含下議院和上議院的複製品,並且沒有辦公室。 更新的提案不包括上議院的空間。

1月,英國總理鮑里斯·約翰斯頓(Boris Johnston)要求官員們調查倫敦以外移動議會的上議院。






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