Location:Teshima, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan
Type:Contemporary Art
Architect:Ryue Nishizawa
Photographs: Iwan Baan

攝影:Iwan Baan

The Teshima Art Museum (豊島美術館, Teshima Bijitsukan) hosts a single piece of artwork and is located on the island of Teshima, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan, in the Seto Inland Sea. It is operated by the Benesse Foundation. The architect is Ryue Nishizawa (co-founder of SANAA). The museum building is made of a freestanding concrete shell which is 25 cm-thick, 40 by 60 meters, and 4 meters at its highest point.

shima島美術館(Te島美術館,Teshima Bijitsukan)只存放一件藝術品,位於日本香川縣瀨shima市瀨戶內海。 它由Benesse基金會運營。 建築師是西澤亮(SANAA的聯合創始人)。 博物館建築由獨立的混凝土外殼構成,其厚度為25厘米,40 x 60米,最高點為4米。

The Teshima Art Museum designed by Tokyo-based architect Ryue Nishizawa and Japanese artist Rei Naito opened in 2010 for the Setouchi International Art Festival that was held in the Takamatsu Port area of Japan.

由東京建築師西澤圭月(Ryue Nishizawa)和日本藝術家內藤玲(Rei Naito)設計的手島美術館(Teshima Art Museum)於2010年為在日本高松港地區舉行的瀨戶內國際藝術節開幕。

The open gallery space features 25cm thick concrete shell with two elliptical openings that are open to elements. Iwan Baan shows on his website a great photo set of the art museum which can be viewed here.

開放的畫廊空間採用25厘米厚的混凝土外殼,帶有兩個向元素開放的橢圓形開口。 伊万·班(Iwan Baan)在他的網站上展示了美術館的精美照片集,可在此處查看。

More of Iwan Baan’s photographs following the break, as well as a video of the Teshima Art Museum while under construction.

休息後,Iwan Baan的照片更多,還有正在建設中的Teshima美術館的視頻。


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