Architects: gmp Architects
Area: 72000 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: CreatAR Images
Architect In Charge:Meinhard von Gerkan, Nikolaus Goetze, Volkmar Sievers
Competition Lead:Julian Lahme
Competition Team:Wenguang Zhang, Aleksandra Blazhevska, Yitian Gao, Hanbai Li, Mathilde Claus, Hanna Diers, Konstanze Essmann, Anna Falkenbach, Hannah Marie Hormel, Jan Jungclaus, Katharina Keese, Matthias Ludes, Knut Maass, Xiang Shi, Tom Schülke, Mark Streich, Antonia Walgenbach, Urs Wedekind, Björn Bahnsen
Scheme Design Project Management:Julian Lahme, Alexander Schnieber
Scheme Design Team:Wenguang Zhang, Aleksandra Blazhevska, Yitian Gao, Hanbai Li, Elena Alexeeva, Elena Cubillo, Rui Gao, Tim Koehne, Wiebke Meyenburg, Aegidius Vockenhuber, Michèle Watenphul, Xiaowei Weng
Contract Administration:Min Fang, Florian Wiedey, Yuwei Miao
Partner Firm In China:Tongji Architectural Design(group) Co.,Ltd, Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute
Structural Design:sbp, schlaich bergermann partner
Landscape Architect:WES Landschaftsarchitektur
Facade Design:SuP Ingenieure GmbH
Project Management China:Lei Cai, Mengxuan Qu, Xiaodong Sa
Client:Xi’an Silk Road International Convention and Exhibition Center Co., Ltd., Xi’an Chanba Ecological Zone Management Committee

建築師:gmp Architects
負責建築師:Meinhard von Gerkan,Nikolaus Goetze,Volkmar Sievers
競賽負責人:朱利安·拉姆(Julian Lahme)
比賽團隊:張文光,亞歷山大·布拉熱夫斯卡,高一田,李漢柏,馬蒂爾德·克勞斯,漢娜·迪爾斯,康斯坦茨·埃斯曼,安娜·法肯巴赫,漢娜·瑪麗·霍梅爾,簡·榮格勒斯,凱瑟琳娜·基斯,馬蒂亞斯·盧德斯,克努特·馬斯,向實,湯姆·舒爾克,馬克斯特賴克(Streich),安東尼婭·沃爾根巴赫(Antonia Walgenbach),烏爾斯·韋德金(Urs Wedekind),比約恩·巴恩森(BjörnBahnsen)
方案設計項目管理:Julian Lahme,Alexander Schnieber
結構設計:sbp,schlaich bergermann合作夥伴
景觀設計師:WES Landschaftsarchitektur
立面設計:SuP Ingenieure GmbH

Xi’an, which is known for its terracotta soldiers, served thirteen of China’s dynasties as capital and once was the starting point of the ancient Silk Road. As an important component of the New Silk Road, the Silk Road International Exhibition & Convention Center has been erected in the north-east of the city.

西安以兵馬俑而聞名,在中國十三朝朝代都曾作為首都,曾經是古代絲綢之路的起點。 作為新絲綢之路的重要組成部分,絲綢之路國際會展中心已經建立在城市的東北部。

The building complex, created under the lead management of Architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners, forms the center for industry and trade of Shaanxi Province and, in its architectural language, is intended to combine the local context with the vision of a new economic region.

該建築群由建築師馮·格坎,瑪格和合夥人建築師領導管理,形成了陝西省的工業和貿易中心,並以其建築語言,旨在將當地環境與新經濟區的願景相結合 。

The first building phase of the exhibition complex has nearly been completed, revealing the basic design idea of creating an analogy with a silk scarf that represents the roofscape, in combination with a solid stone plinth as supporting base. In contrast to the gently curved roofs of the exhibition halls, the far-projecting canopies of the entrance halls feature a rather more monumental design. The geometrically exactly staggered decks are supported on 30-meter-high cross supports.

展覽大樓的第一階段建設已接近尾聲,揭示了基本設計思想,即以代表屋頂景觀的真絲圍巾與實心石底座作為支撐基礎進行類比。 與展館的弧形屋頂形成鮮明對比的是,入口館的簷篷凸顯出更具紀念意義的設計。 幾何形狀錯開的甲板支撐在30米高的十字支撐上。

In the second construction phase, the volume of the exhibition complex will be doubled, extending it towards the north. Along the central circulation axis, six further halls and a second prestigious entrance building will be built to replicate the pattern of the southern entrance to the overall complex.

在第二階段的建設中,展覽館的體積將增加一倍,向北延伸。 沿著中央環流軸線,將建造另外六個大廳和第二座著名的入口建築,以將南部入口的樣式複製到整個建築群。

If required, the exhibition halls, with a square area of about 10,000 square meters each and a clear height of 13 meters, can be combined; in addition, the two halls at the southern entrance, with a height of 16 meters and a square area of approx. 16,000 meters, can be used for large events.

如有需要,可以合併每個面積約10,000平方米,淨高13米的展廳; 此外,在南入口的兩個大廳,高度為16米,面積約為16平方米。 16,000米,可用於大型活動。

The two entrance buildings, which are surrounded by generous public spaces, are linked via two-story corridors with retail areas, gastronomy, and meeting rooms. The upper link spans the street between the first and second construction phases and makes it possible for visitors to reach all parts of the exhibition center under cover.

兩座入口建築被寬敞的公共空間所環繞,通過兩層走廊與零售區,美食餐廳和會議室相連。 上部鏈接跨越第一和第二施工階段之間的街道,使參觀者可以在掩護下到達展覽中心的所有部分。


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