Architects: Helen & Hard
Year: 2020
Photographs: Ivan Brodey
Manufacturers: Blumer Lehmann
Products used in this Project:Wood
Project Team:Reinhard Kropf, Mariana Calvete, Håvard Auklend, Dag Strass, Simon Baumann

照片:伊万·布羅迪(Ivan Brodey)
製造商:Blumer Lehmann
項目團隊:Reinhard Kropf,Mariana Calvete,HåvardAuklend,Dag Strass,Simon Baumann

It is a contextual and yet spectacular signature building that together with the proposed square creates a new identity and an initiation for further development in Nord-Odal. It is the new living-room for Sand´s inhabitants, the main gathering space with a low threshold for participation. It brings together literature, knowledge, economy, people, tradition, and history under one single roof. A holistic space with several functions that enhances a feeling of ownership for its users. Samling also connects the main street with the park and church on the other side at the same time that it connects to the courtyard of the municipality on the back. This layout, together with the inviting and transparent main entrance, makes it an obvious urban passage. An indoor street through the library’s main room that increases life in the building, an invitation to unintentional visits, meet people, bring a newspaper or book, or have a short coffee break.

這是一處具有背景性但又引人注目的標誌性建築,與擬建的廣場一起創造了新的身份,並為北奧德的進一步發展提供了起點。 它是Sand居民的新起居室,Sand居民是主要的聚會場所,參與門檻較低。 它將文學,知識,經濟,人民,傳統和歷史集中在一個統一的屋頂下。 具有多種功能的整體空間,可增強用戶的主人翁感。 Samling還將主要街道與另一側的公園和教堂相連,同時又與背面的市政庭院相連。 這種佈局,加上誘人且透明的主入口,使其成為顯而易見的城市通道。 穿過圖書館主室的室內街道,增加了建築物的使用壽命,吸引了無意來訪,結識朋友,帶報紙或書籍,或短暫喝咖啡的人。

The building is relatively compact with an open atrium in the centre. A quiet space that gathers the different functions and allows people to see each other. The characteristic, radial geometry define the layout of the building from this center. The 10 apartments are situated above the bank offices and are oriented to the south and west, thus making room for the generous ceiling height in the library.

該建築相對緊湊,中央有一個開放中庭。 一個安靜的空間,聚集了各種功能,使人們可以看到彼此。 獨特的徑向幾何形狀從該中心開始定義建築物的佈局。 這10套公寓位於銀行辦公室上方,朝南和向西,因此為圖書館的寬敞天花板空間提供了空間。

The intrinsic radial organizational principle of the building enhance the dynamism of the façades, the exterior walls get a soft feeling by the weaving balconies. These are designed so that no vertical division between the apartments is required, they become deep in front of the living room and kitchen, and become narrow french balconies to the bedrooms. The façades are composed of a timber batten cladding of vertical wooden slats. The slats play around the entire building in horizontal bands, this wooden skin gives the building a depth effect and creates a holistic but simultaneously varied architectural expression. The large glass surfaces of the public spaces provide a transparent skin between the interior and exterior, enriching their visual connection.

建築物固有的放射狀組織原理增強了立面的活力,外牆通過編織陽台獲得柔軟的感覺。 這些客房的設計無需在公寓之間進行垂直分隔,它們在客廳和廚房的前部變得很深,並成為臥室的狹窄法式陽台。 外立面由垂直木板條的木條組成。 板條以水平帶環繞整個建築,這種木質外觀使建築具有深度效果,並創造了整體但同時又變化多端的建築表現形式。 公共空間的大玻璃表面在內部和外部之間提供了透明的皮膚,豐富了它們的視覺聯繫。

Nearly all building elements are made of wood, an environmentally friendly material but also a material that has unique aesthetic and sensory qualities together with a pleasant scent. By having a substantial use of wood, the building inspires a more sustainable and responsible society, reflecting the cultural heritage of wooden buildings and the local wood industry. The characteristic wooden lamella ceiling conceals the integrated technical fixtures while growing to become bookshelves and sunshades. The soft curves of both the ceilings and structure are important elements for room experience and quality in the bank, library, and common areas.

幾乎所有建築元素均由木材製成,這是一種環保材料,但同時又具有獨特的美學和感官品質以及令人愉悅的氣味。 通過大量使用木材,該建築激發了一個更可持續,更負責任的社會,反映了木製建築和當地木材工業的文化底蘊。 獨特的木質薄板天花板隱藏了集成的技術裝置,同時逐漸發展成為書架和遮陽篷。 天花板和結構的柔和曲線是銀行,圖書館和公共區域的房間體驗和質量的重要要素。


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