Architects: DX Arquitectos
Area: 184 m²
Year: 2016
Photographs: Pablo Blanco
Manufacturers: Arauco, Cintac®, Passol, Volcan
Author Architects:Juan Luzoro, Federico Novoa
Collaborator:Pablo Hip
Reckoner:Rodrigo Bravo

建築師:DX Arquitectos
攝影:Pablo Blanco
作者建築師:Juan Luzoro,Federico Novoa
合作者:帕勃羅·希普(Pablo Hip)
清算機:羅德里戈·布拉沃(Rodrigo Bravo)

The house PH2 is a three-slope monovolume, fully dressed in the rusty tin on site, material taken from the rural environment, where agro-industrial buildings abound in various states of destruction. This “architecture without architects” that benefits from the lack of pretension serves us as a material reference, delimiting a stripped and essential formal language.

房屋PH2是一個三坡度的整屋,現場裝滿生鏽的鐵皮,材料取自農村環境,那裡的農業工業建築處在各種破壞狀態。 得益於缺乏自負性的這種“沒有建築師的體系結構”將我們作為實質性參考,劃定了一種簡明扼要的正式語言。

The history of its development establishes a reflection on the individuality of the assignment and the traffic of ideas that go from one project to another. We made two previous versions of this house, which both were out of what the principal was willing to spend, facing the cessation of the project, we wanted to rethink it based on a scheme proposed several years earlier in the form of the “Chilean House for a Gringo “.

它的發展歷史反映了任務的個性以及從一個項目到另一個項目的思想交流。 我們製作了這棟房屋的前兩個版本,但均因校長願意而花費,面對該項目的終止,我們想根據幾年前以“智利房屋”形式提出的計劃重新考慮它 為一個格林戈”。

A habitat limited to the iconic and pragmatic needs in an indistinct environment. A postmodern version of the Maison Domino by Le Corbusier to carry in your pocket and install at your leisure.

在模糊的環境中,僅能滿足標誌性和實用性需求的棲息地。 勒·柯布西耶(Le Corbusier)創作的後現代版Maison Domino,可隨身攜帶,可隨意安裝。


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