Architects: Achim Kaufer and Tom Wünschmann, JDTM, Philipp Buschmeyer and Wai Cai, SCSJ
Area: 4180 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Arch-Exist
Project Team:Tom Wünschmann, Achim Kaufer, Wei Cai, Philipp Buschmeyer, SCSJ (Jing Gao, Chang Xiong, Wei Li, Xi Bai, Jia Zhou, Ray Lu, Zhanzhan Xia)
Engineering:Sichuan Southwest Jiaoda Civil Engineering Design Co., Ltd. (JDTM)
Engineering Team:Qingyang Lin, Xinglin Li, Aimei Zheng, Meixin Wang
Landscape:Sichuan Provincial Architectural Design and Research Institute Co. Ltd.
Construction:Chengdu Construction Group Co., Ltd
Consultants:Buschmeyer+Cai (Wei Cai, Philipp Buschmeyer)、Tom Wunschmann, Achim Kaufer
Client:Chengdu Hi-tech Investment Group Co., Ltd.

建築師:JDTM的Achim Kaufer和TomWünschmann,Philippe Buschmeyer和SCSJ的Wai Cai
項目團隊:TomWünschmann,Achim Kaufer,Wei Cai,Philipp Buschmeyer,SCSJ(高京,常雄,韋立,西柏,賈週,盧雷,夏佔戰)
顧問:Buschmeyer + Cai(蔡威,Philipp Buschmeyer),Tom Wunschmann,Achim Kaufer

Wuchazi bridge is located along the Jin River in the Southern Part of Chengdu Hi-tech Zone, which is a crucial pedestrian bridge connecting Guixi and Zhonghe sub-districts in this area. This municipal pedestrian bridge adopts the structural form of steel box girder and steel box arch, its total area is 4180㎡. The design notionoriginates from the conception of “infinite ring” – the Mobius. We abstractly project the infinite formin four-dimensional space into three-dimensional space, forming the icon of infinity in mathematics. This icon represents the unlimited development possibilities of the Chengdu High-tech Zone where the bridge is located.

五岔子橋位於成都市高新區南部的金河沿岸,是連接貴溪和中和街道的重要人行天橋。 該市政人行橋採用鋼箱樑和鋼箱拱的結構形式,總面積為4180㎡。 設計概念源自“無限環”的概念-Mobius。 我們抽像地將無窮無窮的四維空間投影到三維空間中,從而形成數學中的無窮大圖標。 此圖標表示橋樑所在的成都高新區無限的發展可能性。

In terms of structure, the bridge body is divided into main bridge and auxiliary bridge. The main bridge is 346.89m in length and 4.65m-9.88m in width connecting greenways on both sides of the river for cycling. While the auxiliary one is 208.78m in length and 6m-14.53m in width where there exist the crescent-shaped theater steps for the river scenery, providing a different space experience for the public. As far as the night scene lighting, designers just did concise atmospheric modern floodlighting to highlight the unique shape of this bridge, hoping to present a different landmark over Jin River.

在結構上,橋體分為主橋和輔助橋。 主橋長346.89m,寬4.65m-9.88m,連接河道兩側的綠道以供騎自行車。 輔助設施的長度為208.78m,寬度為6m-14.53m,那裡有月牙形的劇院台階,可欣賞河景,為公眾提供了不同的空間體驗。 至於夜景照明,設計師只是做了簡潔的大氣現代泛光燈,以突出這座橋的獨特形狀,希望在金河上呈現出不同的地標。

Bridge structure: Wuchazi bridge is divided into two parts. The upstream bridge is the main bridge, and the downstream bridge is the auxiliary bridge. These two parts are connected by channels. Specifically speaking, the main bridge has two sections. The first one is a two span continuous steel box girder bridge (27m+27m), while the second one is a four span slant legged rigid frame bridge (28.5m + 75.347m + 84.152m + 44.73m) to meet the navigation and flood discharge requirements. The auxiliary bridge adopts steel structure and is designed as three spans. The first and second spans are special-shaped steel box arch bridges with spans of 59.166m and 84.431m respectively, which meet the requirements of navigation and flood discharge. The third span is inclined legged rigid frame structure with span of 41.673m.

橋樑結構:Wuchazi橋樑分為兩部分。 上游橋是主橋,下游橋是輔助橋。 這兩個部分通過通道連接。 具體來說,主橋有兩個部分。 第一個是兩跨連續鋼箱樑橋(27m + 27m),而第二個是四跨斜腿剛性框架橋(28.5m + 75.347m + 84.152m + 44.73m),以應對航行和洪水 放電要求。 輔助橋採用鋼結構,設計為三個跨度。 第一跨和第二跨為異形鋼箱拱橋,跨度分別為59.166m和84.431m,滿足航行和排洪的要求。 第三跨度是斜腿剛性框架結構,跨度為41.673m。

Bridge length and width: the total length of the main bridge is 346.891m, and the width is 4.654m ~ 9.88m. The total length of the auxiliary bridge is 208.781m, and the width is 6m ~ 14.533m.

橋長和寬:主橋總長346.891m,寬4.654m〜9.88m。 輔助橋的總長度為208.781m,寬度為6m〜14.533m。

Maximum span of single span: the maximum span of single span is the second span special-shaped steel box arch of auxiliary bridge with span of 84.431m.


Bridge height: the main bridge girder is variable height, the minimum height is located on the top of Z2 pier, and the vertical height of the beam is 1.0m; the maximum height of the beam body is located at the axis z4-1 (inclined leg Zx1), and the vertical height of the beam body is about 2.4m. The height of the main arch ring of the auxiliary bridge is 1.5m, and the vertical height of the third span beam is 1.3m ~ 1.5m. The beam height of hydrophilic platform is about 2.15m.

橋高:主橋樑高度可變,最小高度位於Z2墩頂部,樑的垂直高度為1.0m; 梁體的最大高度位於z4-1軸(斜腿Zx1)處,梁體的垂直高度約為2.4m。 副橋主拱環高度為1.5m,第三跨度樑的垂直高度為1.3m〜1.5m。 親水平台的束高約為2.15m。


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